Web Design For PTs

Just imagine if you are a person with back pain and you are scouring the internet for free information and come across your practice’s website. How does it look? Does it capture your attention and gets you to stay on it giving you the information you crave? How your physical therapy website is designed can make or break whether that visitor is going to stay on your website, become interested and finally call you for more information.

It is important to realize that your website is the center of your marketing efforts and has a huge importance in how visitors perceive your practice. Think about the people checking you out. Potential patients, past patients, current patients, referrals from other patients, physicians and other referral sources. Without a well designed website, your visitor is going to leave, having never known the value of your services.


Make sure your website looks good

Just because you can get a cheap website, doesn’t mean you should buy it. Your website is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. It should be invested into wisely and with specialists in physical therapy marketing that know how to craft a website that is not only visually appealing, but functional to users and to search engines.

How should my website look?

Your website needs to be designed with the visitor in mind. Make sure that you have an easy to navigate homepage that visitors can find the information they want quickly. You have a few different audiences you need to cater to, patients and physicians. Therefore, make sure your website has a dedicated physician area which a referring doctor or their staff can easily access for insurance and other data. Don’t make the mistake of trying to jam all the information on your home page with buttons and all kinds of jazz. Your pages need to have easy to follow paths of actions. Drop down menus help visitors get to areas that are of interest to them.

Starting with the design in mind

Whether you want to update your current physical therapy website design or need a new one from scratch, we can help you craft a website that is going to rank high in Google, drive new patients to it, grab attention and convert that visitor into a new patient calling your office. To learn more about our web design for physical therapy website development and online marketing program, contact us today!