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Have you ever lost a great candidate to big competition?

In today’s highly competitive healthcare market, do you find that you’ll hire anybody with a license and pulse? OR have you created a long line of highly talented therapists and support staff, asking if they can work for your practice? Many practice owners approach hiring as just an HR function, and need more of a PR and marketing approach! The first impression for most candidates is your website, especially the career page.

For small-medium practices, your website’s career page could be the difference between candidates begging you, and you begging them.

Why? Because perceptions & first impressions are sometimes more convincing than facts.

You could have a great workplace culture with plenty of opportunities and competitive pay… but if when a candidate Googles you before applying (and they will) they see an unconvincing website… it doesn’t matter if the job is good, they’ll begin to question the viability of the practice.

Candidates, Just Like Prospective Patients, Need To Be WOWED.

If you can WOW them online before meeting, you instantly put the ball in your own court.

Here’s An Example Of A Successful Career Page Redesign:

3 years ago we were a small PT Website & Marketing agency with only a dozen employees. We couldn’t compete on benefits and often felt like we had to convince people to interview with us.

Then, in 2018, we completely redesigned our career page for promoting job openings.

We included many photos, bold, professional designs, descriptions of the interview process, our benefits, and especially our company culture and mission – why we do what we do.

Career Page Makes Hiring Easier

Not long after, HR noticed an amazing turnaround – candidates were begging to work for us. We no longer had to convince them of anything, they had already been convinced by our career page! Since then we’ve expanded to over 40 employees and we couldn’t have attracted so many strong candidates without a convincing, professional career page.

  So to help your clinic do the same, we boiled down the 8 elements we used to create a stronger ATTRACTION when hiring new staff:

Hiring PT Clinic Staff

8 Game-Changing Career Page Elements:

Eliminate a world of hiring headaches with these career page best practices:

  1. Friendly welcome: invest in some high-quality team photos and use a headline such as “work with us” instead of “job openings”
  2. Your “Why”: you do amazing work that changes lives every day. Start with why you work – your company purpose – not just what you do. Hubspot does a great job of this.
  3. Your Mission: are you a smaller practice who can’t compete on benefits? Compete on DRIVE! Clearly state your growth goals and driven employees will resonate with that vision. Square knocks this out of the park with their very first headline: career page explains company mission
  4. Your Culture: Here, use more candid photos and describe your values. (Check out Kickstarter’s massive focus on real workplace/culture photos)
  5. Benefits: Make it clear what you have to offer, but relate it to people’s personal life. Remember benefits are meant for life outside of work.
  6. The Interview Process: Uncertainty is the enemy here – describe 3-5 steps they can expect to go through, the last being an offer. (Salesforce has a nice example of this) Interview Process On Career Page
  7. Hiring Team: Make it real and personal, show friendly faces of who they’ll be contacting. (And make it fun, like this!)
  8. Open Positions: Show what’s available and how to apply.
  9. Employee Reviews: Ask your employees to write reviews on Glassdoor or indeed then include several of those on the page.

In Summary…

Again, career pages are highly searched by job candidates and a great first impression goes a long way towards making staffing your practice less of a headache while also building the best possible culture for you to grow.  

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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