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Past Webinar Replays:

Best Digital Practices For You To Achieve Maximum Marketing Success

Join Samantha Villenave, Digital Account Manager to review tools, tips, and tricks already available in your marketing arsenal.

Hosts: Bethany Lanza and Megan Shaffer

How to Get Your Patients Running Back In This Summer

Join Melissa Morrison and Kayla Kearse, Print Account Managers to learn how to get your patients back in the clinic this summer.

Hosts: Melissa Morrison and Kayla Kearse

What Is SEO Anyway?

Join Daniel Vieth, Digital Account Manager to learn how to increase your discoverability by improving your SEO

Host: Daniel Vieth

Making 2020 The Best Year Yet: How to See More New Patients

Join Devon Brandt, Digital Account Manager to learn how to get more new patients in 2020!

Host: Devon Brandt

How to Add Events & Workshops to Your Website

Join Anna Martin, Web Designer & Front End Developer to learn how to promote your events and workshops on your website.

Host: Anna Martin

What Your Number #1 Marketing Resolution Should Be In 2020

Join Print Account Manager, Megan Shaffer to learn the #1 goal you can set to improve profitability of your current marketing. 

Host: Megan Shaffer

Perfecting Patient Retention: Engaging Your Patients With Marketing Tools

Join Sr Digital Marketing Manager, Wesley Taylor to learn the most important tools Practice Promotions clients have for engaging & retaining more patients including email & mobile marketing!

Host: Wesley Taylor

Monthly Marketing Checklist To Optimize Your ONLINE Results

Join Sr Digital Marketing Manager, Sarah Stafford, as she details a handful of simple, monthly tasks you can perform in your Practice Promotions tools that will work to steadily optimize your online results!

Host: Sarah Stafford

Should You Print Newsletters In 2019?

Join Print Marketing Manager, Kayla Kearse, for a 15-minute discussion on Printing Physical Therapy Newsletters in the modern marketing landscape.

Host: Kayla Kearse

How To Get More Reviews In-Clinic:

Join Digital Marketing Specialist, Daniel Serafin, for a 20-minute discussion on getting more patient reviews with techniques in your clinic!

Host: Daniel Serafin

Everything You Need To Know About Your Consult Calls in 13 Minutes:

Wondering why or how Practice Promotions consult calls help your practice? Our senior accounts expert, Bethany, goes over everything you need to know about these regular strategy calls on this quick, 13-minute webinar!

Host: Bethany Lanza

Using The Practice Promotions Stat Tracker

Our resident spreadsheet ninja, Melissa Morrison, shows you how to use your Stat Tracker and what powerful information you can get out of it!

Host: Melissa Morrison

Getting The Best Results From Your Print Project Meetings

Our Senior Print Account Manager, Bethany, shows you what print project meetings involve, how to schedule, and how to get the best results from each and every one!

Host: Bethany Lanza

Understanding Your Marketing Reports + Leveraging Them For Improved Results

Reports are only as good as the actions you can take on them. Knowledge is power, and marketing power = more patients! Join Katie for a detailed look at how to get the most from you Practice Promotions reports.

Host: Katie Moriarty

Is Print Marketing Important in 2019?

On this webinar, we went over new statistics & print marketing studies, how to increase ROI from printed newsletters, and how your print and digital marketing go hand-in-hand at Practice Promotions.

Host: Kayla Kearse

Leveraging Social Media for Reactivating Patients + Brand Building

On this exclusive webinar, we show you best practices for re-activating past patients by leveraging Email Marketing, Social Media Content, and other great tips!

Host: Alex Strauch 

Many Hands Make Light Work Teamwork Marketing Tips 

By having set processes for teamwork in place, you can ensure your marketing system isn't overwhelming to any single staff member AND you'll get more consistent patient flow as a result. Join our own Megan Shaffer for these fantastic team marketing tips!

Host: Megan Shaffer

Understanding SEO for Your Practice 

As a Practice owner it's important to understand the What, How, and Why of Search Engine Optimization, so that's exactly what we will be covering. I'll also be sharing some tips you can use to boost rankings!

Host: Alex Strauch

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