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Patient Newsletters – The #1 Tool to Increase Return Patients!

When my wife and I first started our practice, we got by fairly well on doctor referrals – primarily 1 or 2 key relationships. But, when just one of those sources disappeared, business took a hard hit. We learned the hard way that our success was too dependent on others.

So, I dove into professional marketing training. The #1 most successful thing I implemented from this training was consistent, monthly patient newsletters to our past patients. It was so successful, other PT Owners began asking us to help with their marketing as well – which is what sparked the idea of starting Practice Promotions. Business soared and we had a strong base of returning patients for years to come.

Times have changed, but the principle still works. Consistency is super important, so our newsletter system is available as a monthly subscription plan to ensure the best results for your practice.

I’ll get a few examples together for you and email them within a few hours, but in the meantime, you can learn more about the Patient Newsletter System here.

Thanks again!
-Neil Trickett, PT

practice promotions CEO