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Should PT’s Be Marketing for Physician Referrals Right Now?

Physician referrals aren’t necessary to run a successful PT clinic. In fact, we often tell you NOT to rely on them too heavily… But they can still generate revenue for your practice.

That said, with so many challenges in patient volume over the last year, many clinics are making a push to ensure their doctor relationships don’t drop out completely & can still make up somewhere between 10% and 25% of their visits.

The best approach to increase your physician referrals is to:
• Build relationships with local physician offices
• Make it easy for physicians to send you referrals

The problem is, the pandemic has changed the referral game once again.

Depending on where your clinic is located, you may or may not be able to visit physician offices in person. No matter the circumstance, here are some ideas that can be modified based on your situation and will help your practice increase physician referrals in 2021:

In-person? Remote? No Problem.

There are 5 steps you need to accomplish when marketing to doctors.
Here, we’ve outlined some ideas for fulfilling each stage whether you’re able to meet in person or working remotely:

Ideas Marketing to Physicians Remotely

Then, make sure your message is fitting for the format you’re using. Here are a few ideas:

Referral Marketing Messaging Ideas in 2021

Keep In Mind:

Communication and consistency are imperative when marketing to physicians. It is important to stay in constant communication with physicians, so just like with your patients, your practice stays top of mind.

Whether you start with one tool or bundle a few, it is important to make sure your communication is clear and routine.

So speaking of tools, here are 6 ideas for new physician marketing tools inspired by our real clients:

6 Real Samples of Physician Referral Tools

physician marketing postcard example

MD Postcard

Tips For Using:
➥ Keep the message simple, focus only on one call to action.
➥ If you have a large MD mailing list, these are a very cost-effective way to mail to them.
➥ Order some extra with the address area blank so your staff can manually send or pass out.

MD Letter with envelope

Physician Letter

Tips For Using:
➥ Letters come in a more simple, personal envelope. Generally, these are much more likely to be opened by the doctor it is addressed to.
➥ They are a little more expensive than other formats, so consider using them once per quarter as a change-up from your normal mail.

Physician Marketing Brochure

MD Brochures

Tips For Using:
➥ When you want to provide a more in-depth look at your clinic, brochures provide a lot of messaging space!
➥ Include multiple success stories from patients & try to update them 1-2 times per year.
➥ Always include information on how to refer patients.

Physician Marketing Folders Custom Inserts

Physician Referral Packet

Tips For Using:
➥ Perfect for making a powerful first impression!
➥ Customize the contents! Can be ordered with flyers inserted but also consider keeping prescription pads and other tools on hand to add value or update per season.
➥ Depending on content, these could work as new patient welcome materials in addition to physician referral packets.

PT Prescription Pads

PT Prescription Pads

Tips For Using:
➥ Make referring patients easy with custom pads that doctors can keep at their desk.
➥ Follow up with offices you give these to asking if they need refills. This will provide an extra conversation opportunity.
➥ Add a pad (50 sheets) to every Referral Packet you drop off.

Custom Thank You Cards

Branded Blank Cards

Tips For Using:
➥ Thanking & sharing results after patient referrals is a proven way to keep your relationships strong.
➥ Appoint a staff member in charge of sending these even if you handle writing them.
➥ Collect a list of referred patients and plan 1 time a month to write thank you cards so it doesn’t overwhelm your schedule or get forgotten.

Whether you’re marketing in person, remote, or both is your “new normal” these tools can help you keep your referral relationships producing revenue.

For more physician marketing tools or to get custom ideas & pricing, check out our print & direct-mail solutions here.

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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