How Do I Request Online Reviews From My Patients In Person?

“Getting your entire staff on board with requesting online reviews can be a challenge.

After all, nobody likes to feel as though they’re “soliciting” or being impersonal… But reviews are too important to your business not to ask every patient!

So, what about the best way to go about it?

Here is a simple, 2-step formula for training your entire staff and taking the stress out of review requests:

Step 1: The “Share Your Story”

For this step, train your PTs and PTAs to look for one critical moment when a patient has crossed a major milestone and is starting to feel better. Maybe when they started, it was hard to get out of bed each morning and now, two-thirds through treatment, they have a much easier time starting the day… Now is the time!

Follow this outline:

  • Remind them where they started.
  • Ask what improvement they’ve seen.
  • Ask if they would share that story if it meant someone with the same problem got the help they needed.
  • Hand them a Review Generation Card to make instructions easy! (maybe include a QR code)

Step 2: Check Again At Discharge

For this step, train your front desk to ask “did you get a chance to review us yet?” and hand them the same Review Generation Card.

Pro Tip: Use Reputation Management to Keep Bad Reviews Private

Every Practice Promotions website comes with a built-in reputation manager which watches for reviews that are 3 stars or less & directs them to your internal team instead of Google or Facebook. This helps guard your reputation online.

And That’s It!

You’ll convert many more patients asking more than one time, but no single staff member needs to be responsible for more than one request.”