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Attracting new patients is the #1 goal of physical therapy advertising. You want your practice to be well known for its expertise, quality care and great results. There are some essential marketing programs that every practice needs to be successful. You need a high-quality website, monthly campaigns such as newsletters or emails, and a positive online presence via social media and review websites. Private practices also need to establish a brand with corresponding logos and guidelines. This helps patients and the public easy recognize your marketing. Lastly, you need to keep trying new ideas to reach prospective patients and keep your appointment books full.

Let’s explore some new physical therapy advertising ideas that help your practice stand out as an industry leader for care.

1. Paid search advertising

Most practice owners can agree that their online presence is critical to attract new patients in today’s digital world. Almost every patient will visit your website at some point prior to making an appointment. Is your site easy to find? Or are you buried at the bottom of Google?

To boost your search engine ranking- explore paid search ads. These are the top spots on the results page and help patients quickly find out more about your practice. You can set a monthly budget and target keywords like “physical therapy Richmond, VA” to stay local and relevant.

2. Local sponsorships

Sponsoring a local group or event is something that many practices already do. But, they struggle to see the return on investment. It all comes down to the sponsorship and contract. Are you the sole sponsor of a little league team? Or, are you one of 20 logos on the back of a 5K t-shirt? Choose your sponsorships wisely to ensure added value to your practice.

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Physical therapy advertising is similar to the old world of newspaper ads at times. You pay more for the full page ad, but you are guaranteed to have more people see it compared to the ¼ page spot. Your practice’s brand and logo should always be visible and prominent to fully execute each sponsorship.

3. Social media marketing and brand awareness

Many practice owners wonder if they can really get new patients via Facebook or Twitter. While it might not seem logical that someone will search Facebook to find a PT clinic, people do subconsciously learn about businesses and brands through social media. Physical therapy advertising through a professional business page and engaging posts will attract new patients both directly and indirectly.

We recommend that, at a minimum, you create business profiles for your practice with accurate contact information that drives to your website. And, you should be posting engaging and educational content several times a week. Blog posts, exercises, healthy tips etc. are all clickable content that indirectly attracts viewers to your practice and brand. Facebook also allows for reviews and check-ins—helping people get actual patients’ feedback about their experience in PT. Lastly, everything you post online continues to build your brand presence and search engine index. So if you share your blog on Facebook, people will click through which drives traffic and improves how Google ranks your website.

Creating brand awareness and attracting new patients builds your practice and drives business growth. Physical therapy advertising uses a variety of approaches to reach different prospects and convert them into happy patients. For more tips and best practices, visit our blogs or follow us on LinkedIn.

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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