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When it comes to your clinic, you need to make informed decisions that help your business flourish and prosper. You probably wouldn’t ask a PT to do your accounting or have the facilities staff coordinate patient referrals. A PT is specialized in physical therapy just like an accountant specializes in taxes and financial management. By having the most well educated and trained team members handling their specific roles, you can see maximum results with minimal errors.

More than a PT marketing company

Our clients are our MVPs and receive high-quality, concierge level business support that goes beyond our products. Our expert account managers and executive team are on-call to help our clients. We analyze their marketing results, troubleshooting issues, and brainstorm new, creative ideas.

Take a look at one of our long-term clients, Loudoun Sports Therapy Center, who has been with Practice Promotions since 2012. Mike and Dee Bills, owners of Loudoun Sports Therapy Center, started with our Patient Newsletter System 2.0 as a tool to promote their physical therapy services and treatments to patients and doctors. Monthly direct mailings of a newsletter (see recent samples here) and physician mailer helped Mike and Dee DOUBLE the volume of their practice in just one year!

Watch their success story here

Loudoun Sports Therapy Center’s print campaign was such as success that they wanted to expand their marketing to included postcards, prescription pads, rack cards, and new patient packets.

See a sample physician mailer
See a sample postcard

Mike and Dee also asked our team to help them rebuild their website and to enhance their digital marketing presence. After the new launched, the practice started to see new patients contact them for appointments directly through the website. The expert SEO (search engine optimization) also helped Loudoun Sports Therapy Center rise to the top of Google search rankings.

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As is the case with any business, things are not always smooth sailing. Changes to patient volumes, referral relationships, local competitors, and even office staffing have challenged Mike and Dee to be flexible and resilient.

For example, before working with Practice Promotions, they were working with a different company to rebuild their website. A revolving door of difficulties ensued. Unclear communication, unforeseen expenses, and drawn out timelines left Mike and Dee with a less-than-ideal website.

Then, they decided to bring our digital team onboard. We got to work rebuilding their site. And, expanding the content and functionality beyond that of a basic web design service. Daily communication on the design, page copy, imagery, patient forms was key.  Mike and Dee stayed in the loop and produced a beautiful, high-quality website. Additionally, one that can grow to accommodate their future practice needs.

Beyond their print and digital marketing, Loudoun Sports Therapy Center has seen tremendous success. Why? Because, they had the support of our full-service team. From daily communication with their account manager to one on one support from our VPA, we have helped Mike and Dee grow their practice. We helped navigate performance metrics, staffing changes, and a competitive PT market in the DC metropolitan area. Our team helps to track their results and provides training on best practices. We also counsel them on effective management and their practice’s business growth and goals.

That is the Practice Promotions difference

We are invested in the holistic success of your business beyond what you can achieve from our expert marketing.

With our team on board, you can strive for results and we will help you succeed.

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