Are you emailing your past patients?

Email marketing for PT practices can include a variety of campaigns and promotions. From monthly email newsletters to bi-weekly offers and discounts, you can quickly and easily communicate with past patients and generate new appointments. The key to a successful email marketing program is to be strategic. Think about how full your inbox is with almost daily offers from different vendors. It takes a lot more effort to attract the attention of your viewers. The main focus with email marketing is not to overwhelm recipients with specials. Instead, you want to send useful, educational content that links back to your physical therapy website.

Email Newsletters or Direct Mail Newsletters

At Practice Promotions, we often get the question “If I am sending a printed newsletter in the mail each month, why should I also email a digital newsletter?”. Because you will reach different audiences with the different newsletter formats. Thus, you can double the effectiveness of your newsletter marketing. Think about it this way—why does Amazon offer digital and printed versions of popular novels? Because some people prefer to have something physically in hand to read. Others are happy to scan the same content online through a computer or smartphone.


Email newsletters like these offer the added bonus of providing online content and connecting to social media and your website. They are also very inexpensive and easy to create and distribute. The challenge with e-newsletters is that only about 15-20% of the people you email will actually open the message and even fewer will actually click the links back to your website. Content is key when it comes to an email newsletter for your PT practice.

How to Create Email Newsletters

Start with a catchy subject line—this is the first thing read in your inbox and determines whether you will open the email. If you already send email marketing campaigns, go back and look at the open rates for those emails. Then, pick the subject lines with the highest open rates. You can use that copy as a starting point to craft a successful subject line. Now, you got the patient to open your email. Finally, you can continue to attract their interest with informative and educational newsletter content.

Want more email marketing tips? Check out our free email marketing cheat sheet for PT Clinics!

The benefit of a print newsletter is that approximately 95% of your past patients will receive one in their mailbox, and over 60% will read it. Statistically, there are a much higher number of people responding to print newsletters vs. email newsletters, at about 10-30 times better open rates. Therefore, the additional expense of printing and mailing newsletters is justified by the higher conversion rate.

The bottom line is—you should send both an email and direct mail physical therapy newsletter. This helps you to reactivate the maximum number of patients back to your practice.

If you want more information on email marketing and newsletters for PT practices, check out done-for-you, monthly patient newsletter system which includes digital versions!


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