Online marketing is the big picture or 10,000-foot view of your PT practice’s digital marketing and online presence. For example, does your PT marketing plan ensure that your practice’s website content coordinates with your social media marketing? Has your practice been able to adapt to recent changes in social post content and formatting? Do you tailor your message to speak to the differences in audiences across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Many physical therapy practice owners and even marketers have a difficult time keeping up with the latest online marketing trends and opportunities.

The key is to make it easy to share information with your audience. Then, build the audience and get them to further engage with your practice online. For more tips on attracting new patients with Social Media, Emails, SEO, Websites, & more check out our free PT Training Downloads!

The Goal of Online Marketing

Online marketing does a number of things, but first and foremost, it is a platform for spreading useful information about your PT practice. This information can serve a variety of goals—one of which is to highlight you as the experts to turn to when someone is in pain and needs PT. Online marketing also:

  • Creates a digital presence that brands your practice and attracts new patients
  • Makes it easy for new patients to find information about your practice
  • Allows others, such as physicians and peers, to easily share your information

Coordinated Marketing

Many practice owners struggle with getting new patients through online marketing. Why? Because they don’t integrate it as a part of an integrated practice marketing effort. When you only post to Facebook once or twice a month and don’t link those posts back to your site, you are missing out on linking your social media followers into a prospective patient population. You need to lead new patients back to on your website through coordinated content. Then, get them to call in for more information.


Your Website Is The Hub

Your website should be the hub of your marketing efforts, meaning that everything from print marketing to social media should direct potential patients to your website. From here, you have captured their attention and interest for them to call in and make an appointment for PT. This means that just having a website is not good enough. Your practice’s website needs to be able to convert visitors to patients.

At Practice Promotions, we design and create highly professional physical therapy websites that coordinate with blog posts and social media campaigns to funnel patients into your practice.

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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