How PT Marketing Changed This Year

Private practices have had a crazy year. The question many are asking is…

Has PT Marketing Changed In 2020?… If so, how?

To answer that, you must answer another question about your clinic:

Have you been marketing directly to patients or are you still relying on doctors for patient volume?

Below I’ll address what marketing changes you need depending on your answer to that question:

Doctor Referrals Declining

MD Is For “Major Decline”

Doctor referrals have been declining for years. But now, healthcare systems are in as much chaos as anyone and this has amplified the decline of the physician referral system.

According to the APTA, 97% of clinics reported a decrease in MD referrals… OUCH!

Covid Impact on Physician Referrals

The only option for these clinics is to take control of your own marketing by getting in front of patients.

What if I Already Market Directly to Patients?

For the clinics that have already begun marketing directly to patients, I dare say that the events of 2020 have actually NOT changed anything for you.

A great marketing strategy stays the same no matter what the economic environment.

You might make changes to your messaging – the words and imagery used in your marketing – but the overarching strategy never changes.

Each one of these goals will require a few specific actions or “Tactics” you use to accomplish the goal. Also, your messaging will change a little between each step. For example, you don’t want to be asking for a referral from a patient who isn’t fully committed to their POC yet.

A great marketing strategy stays the same no matter what the economic environment.

So, Final Answer: Has PT Marketing Changed Due to COVID?

If you relied heavily on doctors before, Yes. You need to change your strategy fast.

If you already market to patients, No. Keep going… in fact, do more! It takes more outflow for people to listen right now.

Just make sure the strategy you were already using is a good one like the Ultimate PT Marketing Funnel. Then adjust some of the wording you use & include more pictures of masks & safe practices to display confidence & certainty in these uncertain times.

No matter what COVID does, marketing to patients works.

So get your message out! Click here for access to a free PT Marketing Workshop about this strategy along with specific actions to take for each of the 5 stages!

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