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PT Practice Generates 42 Reviews in 30 Days!

New Website Makes It Easy To Leave Reviews! ProTailored Physical Therapy is a one-location practice in Fort…

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Detailed Google Consumer Insights Takeaways

Google has been documenting consumer insights regarding smartphone search trends since 2016*. Google has provided detailed local…

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Press: Practice Promotions Honored by Inc.5000

For the 2nd Year in a Row, Practice Promotions is Recognized as One of The Fastest-Growing Businesses…

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This Private PT Is Back at 110%

After Covid-19 Dip, This PT Practice Recovers in Just 3 Months! Optimum Physiotherapy is a one location…

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Why Boosting Posts Is A Good Idea For PT Clinics!

So you’re trying to reach potential patients outside your followers, but don’t want to spend a fortune.…

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This Practice Sees an Extra 60 Visits Each Month!

First Colony Aquatic & Rehabilitation Center, at 2 location practice, is located in Sugarland Texas. In April…

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PT Clinic Rockets Google Rank In Just 3 Months.

Most Marketing experts agree, businesses can expect to wait 6-12 months to start seeing real results from…

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Coronavirus Impact On Private Practice PT

Has your practice suffered due to COVID-19? You’re not alone. The APTA just published a comprehensive study…

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How To Market PT With a Live Webinar

So you’re unable to have in-person workshops. With some states entering Phase 1 and 2, some people…

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Physical Therapy PPC: Worth The Effort?

So, your practice is doing okay. You’ve built a local reputation, have a good list of past…

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survey physical therapy social media
Survey: What Is The PT Industry's Relationship With Social Media?

Do PT Owners & Staff Use Social Media as much as Our Patients? We’re on a mission…

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How To Utilize Instagram To Engage Your Patients

You heard that Instagram is the cool new social media platform. But, would it be worth the…

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