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Medicare Cuts Impacting PT Clinics
Overcoming Medicare Cuts to Physical Therapy

Are medicare cuts to PT posing a threat to your private practice? In this article we’ll walk…

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‘New Year, New You’ Marketing Tips for PT Practices in 2021

2020 Was Like A Bad Patient. Let’s Hit Reset and Focus On A New Strategy For 2021!…

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Website Conversions: Definitions, Tracking, & How To Get More

When you’re shopping around for a PT Website, your number 1 priority should be something like “Will…

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How To Market PT With a Live Webinar

So you’re unable to have in-person workshops? It’s been a rough time for traditional events. And with…

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How Print Marketing Kept This PT Clinic Above Water

Ever heard someone say print is dead? If this clinic had believed that, Covid might have drowned…

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4 Clinic Websites that Powerfully Differentiate from Competitors

Your PT Website is the digital front door to your practice. Because you’re creating a PT business…

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How PT Marketing Changed This Year
Has PT Marketing Really Changed in 2020?

Private practices have had a crazy year. The question many are asking is… Has PT Marketing Changed…

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Why Boosting Posts Is A Good Idea For PT Clinics!

So you’re trying to reach potential patients outside your followers, but don’t want to spend a fortune.…

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reviews help online marketing
Get More PT Reviews & Patient Testimonials

Does your practice have good patient reviews? Does it have enough? Most practice owners both love and…

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The Definitive Guide To Physical Therapy Newsletters

Everything you need to know about creating & sending Practice Newsletters.

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PT Fall marketing advice
3 PT Marketing Pillars for September & October

Can you believe fall is already upon us? There’s no doubt this has been a crazy year.…

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Coronavirus Impact On Private Practice PT

Has your practice suffered due to COVID-19? You’re not alone. The APTA just published a comprehensive study…

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