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Physical Therapy Postcards

Patient marketing with PT postcards

A critical audience for you to reach out to in your physical therapy marketing plan is past patients. Past patients already have had a relationship with your practice and care. This is why statistically 60% or more past patients return for additional treatments. Your practice may have a mailing list of thousands of past patients. Therefore, you need a marketing strategy that is effective and inexpensive. Postcards provide a lower cost option that can deliver fantastic results. By direct mailing postcards to your past patients, you keep your clinic fresh in their minds. You can also encourage them to visit your website or call the office for care.

Physical therapy postcards differ from other direct mail marketing due to their size. They are smaller, which requires you to prioritize the content that you want to share. There are two strategies that work best with postcards—general awareness messaging about physical therapy and your clinic, or condition specific messaging. This focuses on one topic, such as low back pain or shoulder pain, and the benefits of PT. Whether you chose a general or specific message, your physical therapy postcards need to be eye-catching and memorable to help them stand out in the mail stack. Be sure to use your practice’s branded logo, colors, and bright professional photos.

Postcards also have the mailing panel (name, address etc.) directly on the back of the piece so they need to comply with USPS mailing requirements. Our graphic designers know the exact specifications and can design a custom postcard that attracts patients’ eyes and conveys all the key marketing messages for your practice.

physical therapy postcards

How to start mailing physical therapy postcards

When it comes to your postcard mailing list, past patients is a great place to start. You are more likely to get a new appointment from a prior patient as they know what to expect. And, they have already seen great results from your PT. If you are already mailing a newsletter or campaigns to past patients or simply want to attract new ones, you can also consider purchasing a list of local community members. This list should be properly purchased through a marketing company, such as Practice Promotions, and can be targeted to optimize results. For example, you may want to mail to females, over the age of 35, and with a certain household income. Because, they are often the healthcare decision makers in the family. You can also specify your list to a certain radius around your clinic.

When direct mail marketing to a targeted list of non-patients, you need to convince them that physical therapy is best solution for their problem. You also want to emphasize that your clinic is the place for them to get care. This takes repeating your message several times to build credibility. We caution practice not to expect to get a huge response from one mailing. By repeatedly mailing physical therapy postcards, you will build interest and start to see a spike of results with people calling in for appointments.

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