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Physical Therapy Brochures

Do you have a set of physical therapy brochures that you can use to market your practice to both patients and physicians? These brochures should be a core component of your marketing materials. They help to explain your general services and specific treatments—encouraging someone to choose you for their care.

Your physical therapy brochures should discuss relevant content and describe a common problem or condition. Start by identifying the physical condition, such as back pain, shoulder pain, or post-surgical rehabilitation. Then, clearly indicate the condition on the brochure cover. Use the inside panels to describe the condition, its symptoms and causes. Emphasize how PT can help patients return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. Be sure to include practice specific information, such as patient testimonials, staff certifications, and awards to show that your clinic is the place to go for care.

Physical therapy brochures should also be visually appealing. Incorporate professional photos that correspond to the topic and images of hands on treatments. Brochure marketing should follow this flow: attract the reader, explain the content with educational information and engaging imagery, and drive a final call to action. This call to action should be to go to your practice’s website or call the clinic directly for an appointment. Brochures act as a stepping stone to direct the person to learn about PT.

Trifold Practice Brochure

Marketing strategies for physical therapy brochures

Your brochures should be able to advertise your practice to a variety of audiences—patients, physicians, community members etc. The goal is that every reader should become a part of your marketing team. And thus, they can be providing word of mouth referrals to friends, family, and patients. This strategy applies to your monthly campaigns too. Every couple months, you can direct mail these brochures to past patients for reactivation promotions and as a compliment to your other mailings.

Whether distributing in person or mailing them directly to patients’ homes, the topics and content needs to be easy to understand and shareable. A patient may know someone with a specific injury or condition. And, they want to be able to share relevant information and help their friend feel better. For word of mouth referrals to be successful, patients need to feel confident enough to provide their recommendation and advise their friend to see you for PT. Make it easy for patients to talk about your practice and give them informative brochures to help aid their conversations.

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