Referral Systems for Physical Therapy Practices

Referral Systems

What are PT Referral Systems?

A system is a set of tools, processes and actions that are designed to achieve an established output. For PT referral systems, this means a set of marketing materials and strategies that work together to increase referrals to your practice, and ultimately generate additional business and revenue. By having patient and physician referral systems as part of your marketing plans, you will have a consistent, reliable flow of new patients into your practice and often can set up these systems so they almost run themselves.

Example referral systems include:

Increase Referrals by Marketing to Doctors

How do systems work?

Systems start with a set of tools that make them effective. For physical therapy practices, this means professional, branded marketing materials that educate readers on the benefits of PT and showcase your team as the experts. First, Practice Promotions helps you to create these materials. Then, we ensure that each piece coordinates with the others to deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy. From newsletters to postcards to websites, these systems should have several components to attract the largest audience and get the most patient appointments for your practice.

In addition to the marketing materials, referral systems also include processes and actions to effectively them to patients, physicians, and the community. Your referral system might be a combination of direct mailing newsletters or postcards and providing referral cards. Or, it could be sending thank you notes, and maintaining your website and social media. Either way, the execution of your marketing is essential for the success of the referral systems—and your PT practice. The experts at Practice Promotions can help you coordinate these distributions and can even schedule promotions to go out on a monthly basis. Thus, saving you time and money and allowing you to treat more patients.

Lastly, you need to monitor the results from your referral systems. Are you seeing more patients, getting more referrals, and increasing revenue for your business? Can you track what marketing worked best so that you can replicate that messaging for future successes? Regularly reviewing your clinic’s stats and aligning them with your marketing plan is essential.

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