Great Response From Patients!

I strongly believe that having a company website is vital to running any business especially the one like ours. In the past , I had gone thru a few website design companies which were mediocre at best. One company would create my website with a few pictures and some information about my clinic and that was it. The website would just sit there for years with the same tired look. For sure I thought cobwebs were forming.

Another company would promise to make my website look better and be more interactive. But my website would like any other “cookie- cutter style” website. Also half of the time, my website would not even work or come out properly, and the customer service was very poor where it would take several weeks to a month just to make small changes in my website.

So I was referred to Practice Promotions’ (PP) website design team and I was very impress with their overhauling of my old website. Now my website looks professional, warm, vibrant, inviting and easy to navigate for the public who is looking for an outpatient physical therapy clinic. The (PP) website team is very helpful to my every need including quick response to changes in my website and I am getting great responses from our patients and all of them loved the new and improved look of our new website. I would highly recommend Practice Promotions to anyone who wants to upgrade their website for a more professional look. Thank you Practice Promotions for all your help and for making a difference!