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As the seasons change, PT practices often struggle with dips in patient volumes and compliance. Extra school events, life milestones and vacations trump making and keeping appointments for physical therapy. So how can you attract new clients and increase patient volume? Let’s look at different marketing and advertising ideas to fill your appointment books.

1. Refresh your marketing with seasonal content

Throughout the year, major companies change up their marketing to be relatable and attractive to viewers. Walmart will use advertisements with BBQs and pools in the summer, and fireplaces and ski slopes in the winter. Similarly, Target features shorts and dresses in the spring, and jeans and jackets in the fall. By using marketing images and content that are relevant to the season, companies address current concerns and topics that appeal to shoppers.

Physical therapy practices should also keep their marketing seasonal to see results. Send a newsletter on knee pain during spring gardening. Mail a postcard on shoulder injuries during fall sports season. Post blogs on back pain during winters full of shoveling snow.

Read these articles for seasonal marketing ideas for PT practices:

2. Strengthen referral relationships with local physicians

Even in direct access states, physician referrals continue to be a top source of new PT patients. How many referrals does your practice get each month? What if that number doubled or tripled? Patients referred to you from their primary care physician are often more likely to make appointments and remain compliant. They get great results—and you can use these for future marketing and to increase patient volumes from that referral source. Download our free guide for tips on marketing your PT practice and getting more new patients

increase patient volume with physician referrals
How many of these physician marketing programs is your practice currently doing to attract new referrals?
  • Do you have a website page for physician referral information?
  • Are you mailing newsletters to local doctor’s offices?
  • Do you have a schedule of recurring office visits with doctors and their staff?
  • Are you tracking referrals and their source to spot trends and maintain relationships?

3. Invest in your core marketing programs

For every piece of marketing that you send out, you need to have an effective conversion point to allow patients to make appointments. PT practices need easy to use, mobile-friendly websites that convey professional expertise and are well branded to reflect your clinic. Now, that might sound like a lot for one website. But, by investing in a high-quality web design company, you can make sure your site stays up to date and uses the latest technology. Think about it this way—how often do you have walk-in patients come to the practice door? It’s not that common. If you check your website, you will find that hundreds or maybe thousands of visitors view the site each month. That’s dozens of potential patients or referrers who need to be impressed by your marketing.

Another core marketing program is your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What are you doing to keep these accounts current? Investing time each month to checking the profile and updating the content and photos is a minimum. Additionally, you should be posting PT articles, links to your blogs and practice news every couple of days to appear relevant and active. Think about it this way—if you visit a business’s Facebook page and see the last post is from 2015, would you think they are busy and prosperous? Probably not! They might seem outdated or worse—closed for business. By keeping your social media profiles active and engaging, your practice seems like an inviting place to seek PT care.

The combination of well-planned marketing and smart investments can increase patient volume for PT practices. To learn more about physical therapy advertising, check out our blogs and marketing solutions!

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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