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As the world continues to go more digital, printed materials like business cards need to evolve to continue to have value for today’s consumer. Think about 10 years ago, almost every professional from your doctor to your dry cleaner would hand you their business card. Remember when all the popular lunch restaurants would have plastic bowls for you to drop your card in for the chance to win a free lunch? Ah the glory days of business cards!

However, business cards still have a very real place in today’s physical therapy practice. It is more about what can be done with the cards and how the patient can use them to interact with your clinic. Think of business cards as functional marketing—they must serve a purpose and fulfill an objective to be viable. Let’s start by thinking about the two primary users of business cards, the physical therapist and the patient.

Why Do PTs Need Business Cards

PTs need to market themselves to patients. Whether it’s meeting patients at community events or introducing themselves at the first appointment, a business card makes a great first impression and allows the patient ready access to the PT’s contact information. Similarly, if your PTs are active in local sports leagues or gyms, they might be able to solicit patient leads at those venues. Having a well-designed and branded business card adds professionalism.

Why Do Patients Need Business Cards

Patients need business cards for two key reasons: to remember their PT’s contact information and to remember their appointments. Digitally-savvy patients may add their appointments into their phone’s calendars. But, many patients especially seniors appreciate a small card that they can keep in their wallet and copy onto the calendar at home.

As a bonus, practice owners should also include a patient referral section on their practice’s business cards. A simply line with “Referred by: ____________” can add value to the business card and encourage patients to refer their friends and family to your clinic.

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Design Your Business Cards

We recommend starting with the back of the card. This is where the patient’s appointment information should be. An easy to use format starts with:

  • Week of: __________ (input the date range)
  • Indicate day of the week with M T W Th F S
  • Times: _________
  • Referred By: __________________
Appointment Cards
Appointment Cards

We also recommend having the backs of the cards printed on non-glossy paper so that the ink does not run or smear. Attention to the little details can make all the difference!

Business Cards
Business Cards

When it comes to the front of the cards, this is the opportunity to input your practice’s branding and marketing. The Practice Promotions team worked with Teton Therapy to create awesome business cards that used a unique front design. Their cards featured a full color, full bleed (extends to the edge of the card) image of someone doing an activity that they often see patients for, such as football and horseback riding. A solid color block allowed for logo placement and their branding. These business cards definitely stood out from the crowd and created visual intrigue.

Make a great first impression and take your business cards to the next level. Our graphic designers can create custom branded cards that showcase your practice’s quality and expertise. Call us today to order!

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