PT Fall marketing advice
Can you believe fall is already upon us?

There’s no doubt this has been a crazy year. PT Practices were hit the hardest over the past few months and now it’s time to focus on recovery. Fall is around the corner and we got 3 essential tips to get your ready.

1. Digital Marketing Plan

Here are a couple of key ways to leverage your website & online tools this fall:

Prepare & Publish 3-4 Fall-Themed Blog Posts. Think about common Sports & Outdoor activists this time of year Such as Running, Cycling or Hiking… even raking leaves! Make a list, then come up with some physical advice or “how to do x safely” for each to write about. Publish a new on every other week or so and promote it on social media.

Use Email & Web Pages to Reconnect With coaches. As various fall sports plan to start back up, be sure to connect with any coaches you’ve had past relationships with, or reach out to new ones to describe your services for younger athletes. Consider having a blog to share or even a dedicated page for sports organizations on your website.

Promote Any Events/Workshops. Whether its safely in person or virtually, PT workshops are a great way to educate many people at once about the benefits of physical therapy. Make sure your website has an easy way to promote sign-ups such as a workshop landing page and keep your calendar updated!

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Navigating Sports & Outdoor Marketing During Covid-19

Obviously, there are many regions in which sports will look a lot different this year. Don’t let that stop you from connecting with the teams & coaches!

Whether or not they are hitting the field, your relationships with these contacts are vital. Change up your message a little to focus on things like:

  • Staying active safely
  • Effective alternatives to [insert sport] practice
  • How to stay in shape off the field
  • Or even more light-hearted topics just focusing on the benefits of fresh air & activity:

2. Seasonal Newsletters

This Season, get double duty out of our monthly newsletter:

Select Topics That Help You Network: Let’s use the sports example again… if you plan to reach out to coaches or other outdoor programs, make your monthly newsletter about fall sports then order extras to take with you & distribute by hand.

“A lot has changed this year, but a strong marketing strategy works no matter the economy”

Consider Coupons, Free Screenings, & Offers. If you don’t normally, offering a special bonus or free screening for appointments or referrals is a great fall tactic as people become more “retail minded” heading towards the holidays.

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3. Leverage Insurance Benefits To Fill Your Schedule

How often do insurance companies help you market your clinic?

Year after year, our clients’ most successful seasonal marketing campaign is to send what we call “Insurance Deductible Reminder” postcards. It’s a simple, easy-to-mail postcard that reminds patients nearing their deductible that insurance could cover most or ALL of their PT expenses.

This is a proven technique for getting past patients back- and we’d be happy to help you take advantage of it!

Check out how to get these custom-designed, pre-written cards here:

Fall Marketing Success For Private Clinics

It all comes down to this: a lot has changed this year, but a strong marketing strategy works no matter the economy.

Take some time to plan a few seasonal materials in both print AND digital. Take some new pictures of your team & clinic. If you do, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your fall marketing results. For more, check out this post on fall social media tips.

Clients: Contact your marketing team at Practice Promotions to customize your blogs & newsletters today!

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