Referrals for Post Surgical Rehab

For many patients, post-surgical rehab and physical therapy go hand in hand. After a orthopedic surgery, joint replacement, or injury, PT can be one of the most effective treatment options. PT restores both mobility and function, while keeping the patient active. Rehabilitation patients are often known for coming to all their appointments, working hard, and achieving great results. Thus, creating a mutually favorable relationship. So how can you get more physician referrals for post-surgical rehab?

Network with surgeons and specialists

Even in large communities, there are often only a few top doctors that perform orthopedic surgery, joint replacements etc. This niche market is prime for a strong referral network. First, research who the key doctors are in your local area. See who already refers to you and who you want to start referring patients. Next, begin your referral marketing campaigns and public relations efforts.

Direct mail

Check that these professionals are on all your mailing lists for direct mail marketing campaigns.

Specialized topics

See if you have extra copies of your post-surgical rehabilitation mailer. Then, send one to each physician at least once a quarter.

Share great results

Look for patient testimonials from past referrals. Send a personal note or card and include a copy of the testimonial inside.

Make time for face time

Call the office and see if the physician is available for a quick coffee or lunch. In person meetings can be both marketing and PR opportunities. Use that time to make personal connections, share stories (ie. “talk shop”), and build a relationship.

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Promote your post-surgical rehabilitation services

As a key source of both referrals and patients, post-surgical rehab should be prominently featured in your print and digital marketing. Look for opportunities to reference these treatments, special equipment, and staff certifications in all your key services. Do you have a webpage on knee pain? Include a short paragraph about post-surgical rehab post knee replacement surgery. Marketing campaign and promotions ideas include:

Newsletters and physician mailers on post-surgical rehab. Include patient testimonials and results to personalize the content.

Brochures and rack cards. Keep these on hand to distribute to doctors, at events, and in the office. If you frequently work with athletes or sponsor sporting events, these can be included in the giveaway bags.

Website. Have a dedicated page on your website that describes post-surgical rehab, the PT treatments, and the improvements to recovery. Include specific testimonials on the page to highlight your successful care.

Postcards, email campaigns, and social media. Post-surgical rehab is not for every patient so be careful about over-marketing the service. Consider sending a targeted promotion once a year—say during the spring or fall sport seasons, to market your practice’s treatments.

Defining and growing small segments of your practice’s patient population can lead to big results for both your marketing and business. Ultimately, post-surgical rehab may only be a few patients a month. But, you can turn that service into a major source of physician referrals, patients, and revenue for your practice.

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Marketing Training Tools

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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