Practice Newsletter Content Strategies

A practice newsletter is a great way to engage patients and demonstrate your PT expertise, while also telling a story about your clinic. Whether you have an ongoing monthly practice newsletter campaign or are looking to get started, planning your content strategy in advance helps to increase read-through and to improve patient lead generation.

Your newsletter content strategy should be customized to support both your business goals and marketing plans. But, it also needs to be sustainable and something where you can economize your time creating content each month. Preparing a newsletter content strategy for printed pieces can be time sensitive. You often have to send your content to your marketing agency or printing company at least two weeks in advance to ensure on-time mailing. So, it is important to plan for content that is independent of timelines. Similarly, you should have a stock of ready to go information that can be used interchangeably from month to month.

Your Newsletter Content Strategy

Plan your layouts

An effective newsletter will have a combination of educational information, such as articles and exercises, and marketing content, such as patient testimonials and clinic stories. Try to keep your layouts consist from month to month to avoid having to rework pieces. Plus, then you can learn the amount of space you have in each section.

Keep your sections consistent

Think about your local newspaper—it often has the same sections from day to day or week to week. You know what pages the articles are on, where to find the editorials, and how the classifieds are formatted. Try the same approach with your newsletters! Even consider adding section headers, such as Patient Superstars (for testimonials) or Clinic Catch Up (for practice news).

Prioritize your information

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to cram in every piece of information for the whole month into one newsletter. But, that does not give your patients an easy to scan or read an overview of your practice. Instead, chose 2-3 stories for your clinic updates that appeal to different audiences, such as an employee spotlight, sponsorship event, and incentive program.

Pick good photos

We’ve all seen them, those grainy or blurry photos that have poor lighting or angles. Avoid these at all costs! Poor imagery degrades the quality of your newsletter. Invest in a good camera for your practice and take all the photos with that same camera to ensure consistency between images. Also, think about the image size—sometimes a great photo can replace 1,000 words. Or if the photo is the size of a stamp—is it really adding value to your content? If you work with a marketing agency or art director then ask their input on your photos, they are the experts.

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Your practice newsletter content strategy should have two key objectives:

Achieving your business goals and engaging your patients

When it comes to planning and reviewing your content, ask yourself—does this align with what is happening in our clinic, and would a patient enjoy reading this newsletter? If the answers are yes, then dive deeper. Ultimately, would you want to visit your clinic for PT after receiving this newsletter? Be honest with yourself…if the content is not marketing your clinic successfully then change it!

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