Evaluations are the cornerstone of your patient care plans. Without them, treatment would be guesswork and patients would not have the opportunity to build trust in your expertise. Shouldn’t the same, analytical approach apply to your business? That’s why we, your “Marketing Therapists” have prepared the PT Advertising Checklist.

Take a minute to evaluate these 5 checkpoints in your advertising plan. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, or “range of motion,” implement your treatment plan immediately.

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The PT Advertising Checklist: Can you do these activities without pain?

First, Does Your Practice Attract Enough New Patients?


This is pretty straight-forward. If it is difficult to find and convert new patients your caseload, and therefore your business, will never reach the next level. So ask yourself honestly, do you:

  • Have all the new patients you can handle?
  • Or is finding new patients a pain point that eats up your time?

Treatment Plan:

  • Post new blogs weekly.
  • Optimize your website for Local SEO.
  • Create specific materials for patient and physician referrals.
  • Publish a variety of helpful, informative print brochures and newsletters to advertise locally.
  • Create Ebook downloads on pain relief and treatment to generate email leads.

Second, Does Your Practice Create Loyal Patients?


Every return patient was once a new patient, but how many new patients do you turn into repeat visits? Do your patients regularly refer their friends and family? Patient referrals are the cheapest way to scale your practice and build a strong reputation. Consider this:

1 Loyal Patient has 100+ Trusting Friends

Keeping people coming back isn’t expensive, but you have to be personal and willing to stay in touch with them. Here are some “exercises” you can use to strengthen your loyalty muscles!

Treatment Plan:

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Third, Does Your Practice Rank Top 3 in Local SEO?


Local SEO is an incredible PT advertising tool. As a local place of business, you have the opportunity to appear in Google’s local search radius without having to fight nationwide competition. This simply requires a well-optimized website and up-to-date business listings through Google, Yelp, & others. To get an edge, use a listing distribution system to keep accurate info across hundreds of listing apps from one place.

Treatment Plan:

Need more SEO and keyword advice? Check out this blog for PTs.

Fourth, Does Your Practice Publish Helpful Content?


As Physical Therapists, our goal is to help people. Content allows us to help people while also making a connection with profitable benefits. The Content Marketing Institute defines marketing content as:

“A process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Creating blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and other materials that are designed to help a reader in their everyday life is the cornerstone to an effective PT Advertising strategy. As we communicate knowledge to potential patients, we build trust. As trust builds, so does their affinity for your practice and their return communication. If you find it difficult to produce helpful content –  no worries! Let’s try these treatments:

Treatment Plan:

You’re doing great! Stretch, catch your breath, just one more area to check off.

Lastly, Does Your Practice Analyze Ad Performance?


John Wanamaker – a successful retail merchant in the early 1900s – is credited with saying “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Is that the problem you feel with your practice? As a business leader, you need to know whats working to make the best decisions. Understand what areas are profitable so resources from weak areas can be reassigned. Do this every week and month and you will see your growth accelerate by huge percentages! Start with these tips:

Treatment Plan:

  • Know the 5 key performance metrics for PT.
  • Use an analytics dashboard to track ads in one place.
  • Utilize email automation to track results while saving time.
  • Keep your patient email list up to date.
  • Create a marketing funnel or consult a PT advertising expert.

So, how did you do?

It is normal to feel a little sore after a first treatment. But I assure you, with a little work, your practice can advertise like a pro and do so pain-free.

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