Most Marketing experts agree, businesses can expect to wait 6-12 months to start seeing real results from Search Engine Optimization. But the right methods can bring results faster, as they did for this clinic:

Joint Effort Physical Therapy, a one-location practice in Hot Spring, AR, joined on with Practice Promotions at the end of January 2020 as an Ultimate Plus client. It has now been almost three months since their website went live, and despite the challenges COVID-19 has posed to their practice, they continue to see great results.

Their SEO (Google Ranking) is especially noteworthy. 

After adding initial keywords focusing on conditions, services, and Joint Effort’s location, We discussed adding additional strategic keywords with the client. As you can see from the graph, in only a few months’ time, keyword rankings have seen exponential progress.

The collaboration process among the Account Manager, Joint Effort, and our SEO team allowed us to pinpoint additional strategic locations to rank for which resulted in great success, especially in Google Local rankings. For example, we added the keyword “joint replacement piney ar” which has moved up 98 places in Google and is now ranking in the #2 spot. The amount of increase in rankings over this short period of time is noteworthy and speaks to the effectiveness of our SEO strategy.

Joint Effort only has two physical therapists, one physical therapy assistant, and a patient representative. But their commitment to marketing even through these challenging times, their completion of all marketing training, and continual meeting with their Practice Promotion team, has proven highly effective and they are already seeing the results. Their story shows how vital it is to fully utilize your marketing resources when working towards your own success.

SEO Brings Better Website Visitors Than Other Advertising:

Joint Effort is a smaller practice and receives a modest amount of website traffic, but the traffic QUALITY has gone way up. For the month of May, their conversion rate was well above average with 9.23% converting into patient leads. 

Additionally, they have received several patient inquiries from their website chatbot.

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How Joint Effort Achieves These Results:

  • A new website with a strong focus on Google-friendly features.
  • Emphasizing appointment forms & chatbots to convert more leads
  • Attending regular training and monthly marketing meetings with their Practice Promotions team.
  • Willingness to ask questions and learn new things.
  • Always having two people from the practice on a call with their marketing expert – everyone is in the loop and edits and changes can be implemented quickly with more eyes and ears.

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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