Kinetix PT case study

Kinetix PT came on board with Practice Promotions as an Ultimate Client in April of 2017. They had been in business for 10 years, with 1 location. On average, they were seeing about 1200 visits a year and approximately 25-30 new patients per month. With a focus on print, they came on board and started direct-mailing to 1/3 of their list each month (rotating through) and dropping them off at local physicians and healthcare networks.

Since they mailed out their newsletters, Kinetix decided to focus on custom content for their patients. Their custom content included office photos, clinic newsletter, events, and workshops. This gave their reader a real look inside their practice, building that first relationship and prompting patients to pick up the phone and call.

Where are they now?

Kinetix has increased their mailing list to 1.2 list per month (alternating). They now order 3000 newsletters, using 2,659 to direct-mail each month. By doing this, they’ve increase the mailing list by almost 1500 names, and they jumped from 1200 patients visits to as high as 2543 patient visits per year.

They not only direct-mail to new prospects, but they also leverage their list and reach out to previous patients. This resulted in an average of 14.8 reactivated patients per month with a .88% response rate, where the average is .5%. In February alone, they had 2386, and 138 new and reactivated patients.

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On top of generating patient visits, Kinetix produced:

  • 3389 Google My Business Calls
  • 901k Google Search Impressions
  • Up to 76 Google Reviews
  • 5809 Google Search Clicks.

“Practice Promotions has helped take Kinetix Physical Therapy to the next level. They redesigned our website for us. The Admin tool is user friendly and makes it easy to stay on top of updates. I use the newsletter to mail out to past patients but also for marketing in doctors offices. Bethany makes the process easy each month. I have also been able to generate a lot of 5-star reviews for Facebook and Google, through the Business center app, by email recently discharged patients. When I have questions or problems, my rep, Daniel, emails back quickly with real answers and solutions. I’m never left in the dark wondering what to do. Their short webinars have been very helpful too. I highly recommend Practice promotions for your business!”

– Susan Martin, Business Relations Coordinator at Kinetix PT

What Kinetix PT does well:

  • Always timely in getting information into their account manager
  • Tracks all of their stats
  • Provides custom content and pictures
  • Always on schedule with their marketing
  • Delivered their mail

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Weekly Blog Articles:

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