First Colony Aquatic & Rehabilitation Center, at 2 location practice, is located in Sugarland Texas. In April 2019, First Colony joined Practice Promotions as a 1 location practice only using our Platinum Subscription. When they started out, they had about 190 visitors to their website, 11 GMB calls, 2,300 GMB Search views, and 39 GMB clicks. After a few months, First Colony saw a huge influx in new patient referrals, they had to open a second clinic.  First Colony decided to upgraded to the Ultimate Plus subscription with the PT Wired APP.

In just 6 months, they opened a second clinic location in Rosenberg, TX.

By August 2019, only 4 months after they went live, they were averaging around 570 visitors and 49 GMB calls. They also had 22 contact forms and appointment requests come in, for just that month. By December 2019, their visitors kept climbing. By the New year, they averaged 715 visitors and 84 calls coming from their website and GMB. Starting the year off with 29,400 Google Search impressions and 25 chatbot leads combined.

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Sean, the owner, and his team are fantastic when it comes to communication. During their weekly touch base, they send over multiple updated patient email lists and plan out review generation emails.

“Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that since June, we are averaging an extra 5 internet referrals per month. I’m unsure if it’s the SEO, the chatbot function, a combination… Anyhow if one assumes 12 visits per referral, that’s an extra 60/month. I just thought you’d like to know we are pleased with the results in that aspect. I think once we understand how to make full use of the rest of the tools PP gives us, we will be one of your greatest success stories.” -Sean

How can your practice see the same results?

Sean and his team were all involved, However, each took on a specific role. Sean worked as an overseer, one of his teammates, Megan, worked directly with their Account Manager, and the other teammate, Denise, sent over update email lists one a weekly basis. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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