So you’re trying to reach potential patients outside your followers, but don’t want to spend a fortune. With Facebook’s recent update, they are trying to fill news feeds with content from family and friends, rather than brands. So the easiest way to reach new potential patients with your social content is by boosting Facebook posts.

Because let’s face it, you have to reach people to fill your marketing funnel. If people can’t discover you, you can’t build trust with them. And if they don’t trust you, they’re less likely to become a patient even when they need help. Plus, if your practice is doing Facebook ads and your competitors aren’t, you win the awareness game!

It’s easy to assume that paid advertising can cost an arm and a leg. But we are going to show you how spending a little can help you reach a wide audience. When done right, Facebook ads can increase your online presence & reputation to gain new patients. But spend some time preparing. Jumping in unprepared could waste your money and could risk impressions on prospects who aren’t qualified.

3 No-Brainer Reasons To Boost Your Facebook Posts

Make up for declining organic reach: Organic reach is on the decline. Meaning, Facebook is trying to fill news feeds with content from family and friends, rather than brands. Facebook ads allow you to reach outside your current patient list and engage those prospects interested in Physical Therapy.

Reach a wider audience: With a Facebook boost, you are able to reach a bigger audience than an organic post can’t do. This allows those who don’t follow your page, to see your content. Boosting allows you to set parameters for the types of prospects you’re looking for. To create your Facebook target audiences, you’ll have to use the Audience Manager tool. This is located in the Business Manager, under Audiences. This is where you can save your audiences and create new ones. Saved audiences are those you can define by choosing people’s interests, location, age, gender..etc. You can also target people in specific locations like Country, State, Counties, DMA, City, Zip Code, or a specific address radius. Now where it really counts, you can create custom audiences based on:

  1. Customer File: Use a customer file to match your customers with people on Facebook.
  2. Website Traffic: Create a list of people who visit your website or view specific web pages.
  3. App Activity (if you have an App): Create a list of people who have taken a specific action in your app or game.
  4. Engagement on Facebook: Create a list of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook.

We recommended having a few audience groups. Create an audience for “People chose through Targeting”, “People who like your page”, “People who like your page and their friends”, and “People in your local area.” Facebook will tell you if your audience selection is fairly broad or very specific.

  • To note, since you can add to an audience, you can also EXCLUDE specific Custom Audiences from the general target audience.

It’s very important not to make your audience TOO small or too big, but heir on the side of big as long as your location settings are correct. Facebook’s algorithms will work overtime to figure out which people interact best with your content.

Save money: When you see “Paid Advertising” it’s normal to assume that you’d have to spend a lot of money to get your brand out there. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Bigger brands have massive media budgets, meaning they are probably spending $100k on Facebook ads. But that’s not the case for your Private Practice. Most people fail at Facebook ads because they started with a huge monthly budget to a cold audience.

Facebook allows you to budget based on what you’re looking to gain (Clicks or Reach.) If you are looking for clicks, the average CPC (Cost per click) is $0.97 in comparison to CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) which is $7.19 per 1000 impressions. One of the best features is Facebook allowing you to budget. You can set a daily or monthly budget and let it run. Facebook will show you your average reach per day and how far your dollar will go.

Best Post Types To Boost:

Far and away the posts that get the most engagement are videos less than 5 minutes long. For PT clinics, this is a great way to show quick exercise tips to help with different types of pain. But remember, people won’t take action if you don’t tell them too! Always end with a call to action to schedule a free evaluation.

Take a look at Recovery Physical Therapy (11 locations in NYC.) Being in the heart of Manhattan, They had been struggling. Jim Cardone, had mentioned they were doing a runner’s workshop through one of their PTs and looking for a way to promote it! We immediately hopped on and created a FB event for them to boost! The results actually exceeded their expectations, they had 21 confirmed attendees through FB. They then sent out an email and had approximately 27 more signups. This was the first of any kind of them doing this, and hopefully they’ll do more in the future!

Now it’s time to set your monthly budget and schedule your next ad! Soon, you’ll start reaching prospects outside your follower and gaining new patients. Remember, you don’t need a huge budget to reach prospects. Find the right post to boost, narrow down and create your audience, and set a budget. Keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t. Soon you’ll have new patients walking through your door.

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