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New Patient Packet System


New Patient Packet System

A patient’s first impression of your practice is critical to their treatment, results, and desire to refer others to your clinic. Do they understand physical therapy and its benefits? Are they informed about all your treatments and services? Are they impressed by your professionalism and organization? A new patient packet gives them educational content about PT, descriptions of your care offerings, and staff biographies to assure them of your team’s knowledge and training. By providing all this information on day one, you also improve retention and completion of their treatment. Frequently, this leads to better results for them and for your practice.

The benefits of a new patient packet:

  • Educate each new patient on the importance of your treatments and recommendations.
  • Help new patients understand what to expect from therapy.
  • Inform new patients about the importance of investing in their health by completing their full course of therapy.
  • Make your practice stand out from competitors.

This folder with inserts is custom designed to your practice. It also highlights your core specialties, staff and increases compliance. Switch out the inserts to create a powerful marketing packet to give to local physicians, insurance adjustors, networking contacts and more.

The New Patient Packet System welcomes new patients to your practice in a simple and effective way. It impresses them with your professionally branded and informative marketing materials. They also serve a functional purpose by providing patients with a folder to easily store and save their exercises and educational articles from PT. Every time they open the New Patient Packet, they are reminded of the expert care and great results they experienced with your practice.

1 Folder + 3 Flyer Inserts. Here’s What You Get:

Custom Presentation Folders
Stepped Flyer, Your Services
Stepped Flyer, What to Expect
Stepped Flyer, Therapist Bios
Additional inserts available

Use New Patient Packet Folders For:

Increase patient buy-in and compliance
New patient information folders
Marketing at a physician’s office
Impressing a potential hire during an interview
Attracting potential patients in the community
And much more…



Packages and pricing

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! Price Includes: Full Copywriting Done For You • Custom Graphic Design to Match Your Logo • Full Color Print on Thick, Glossy Paper

Quantity Price
500 folder only $1.60 per folder
1000 folder only $1.00 per folder
500 folder + 3 flyers $3.00 per packet
1000 folder + 3 flyers $1.90 per packet


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