New Patient Packet for Physical Therapy - Practice Promotions


Do you have difficulty really selling your services, and getting patients to pay for their full course of treatment? In order to increase compliance, the patient has to be wowed from the first visit and realize that you are the right solution to their problem. You have to create enough perception of value in your services that the person is willing to pay. The New Patient Packet helps you do just that.


Retain Patients and Increase Compliance

  • Educate each new patient on the importance of your treatment recommendations, what to expect from therapy and why they should invest in their health with you
  • Make your practice stand out from competitors
  • Custom designed to your practice, this folder with inserts, highlights your core specialties, staff and increases compliance
  • Switch out the inserts to create a powerful marketing folder to give to local physicians, insurance adjustors, networking and more.

Use New Patient Packet Folders For:

  • Increase patient buy-in and compliance
  • New patient information folders
  • Marketing at a physician’s office
  • Giving to a potential hire during an interview to impress them
  • Attracting potential patients in the community
  • And much more…

What’s Inside

  • Custom Presentation Folders
  • Stepped Flyer, Your Services
  • Stepped Flyer, What to Expect
  • Stepped Flyer, Therapist Bios
  • Flyer, Therapy, The Right Choice
  • Additional inserts available


  1. – Place your online order and provide your practice information and logo.
  2. – Your account manager will provide your proof within 5 business days.
  3. – Your approved folders and inserts will be printed and mailed to you.

Packages and pricing

Includes all design, writing, artwork, and printing. FREE SHIPPING! After checkout our account managers will contact you to get started.


  • 500 folder only
  • 1000 folder only
  • 500 folder + 3 flyers
  • 1000 folder + 3 flyers


  • $1.60 per folder
  • $1.00 per folder
  • $3.00 per packet
  • $1.90 per packet


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