Combining SEO + SEM

See How This Single-Location Practice Achieved New Patient Growth 10 Months In A Row (And Counting!)

Often when it comes to digital marketing & appearing on Google, PT practices feel limited by their budget and time. This leads to choosing just one or two actions and hoping they work instead of leveraging a holistic approach. 

Sadly, this picking and choosing can limit results & ROI.

The Magic of SEO Combined With SEM

ProTailored PT, a single location practice located in Fort Wayne, Indiana found out firsthand how powerful the combination of SEO and SEM (paid ads) can be. 

In fact, this “dynamic marketing duo” allowed them to increase new patients for 10 months in a row!

The full story is below, but first let’s cover a couple definitions:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
SEO includes strategies that a business can use in order to rank higher in search results organically (free). It requires producing helpful content and getting Google to see your pages as relevant to people searching online.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing
SEM drives traffic to your website by delivering ads at the top of specific searches. You pay for each click & can determine exactly which landing page to display depending on the term being searched for. Ads are clearly marked as such, but still receive a lot of engagement as Google places them highly on search results.

How It Started:

Jon, CEO of ProTailored PT, is no stranger to the importance of SEO & began using Practice Promotions in April of 2020 to build and increase the business’ SEO rankings. 

The results show a consistent upward trend and growth from June 2020 until present day:

How ProTailored PT Increased Their Growth AGAIN:

At the beginning of 2021 after ProTailored PT’s SEO was healthy and established, Jon decided it was time to throw SEM in the mix. 

By adding Google Ads to their marketing efforts, ProTailored PT has seen some extraordinary results:

The practice saw 9,290 Google my Business views in June 2020. In March 2021 they had an impressive 124,000 Google my Business views. That’s a 1230% increase!

ProTailored PT also had 409 website visitors in June 2020. Jumping to March 2021, they had 2,575 website visits, an astonishing 530% increase in just 10 months.

In fact, they had 1,078 patient visits in March alone which was a highest ever for them!

The Problems With “Picking and Choosing”

Many businesses jump straight to SEM (paid ads) to try and be successful online quickly...

Why spend months building up SEO when you can get noticed immediately if you invest some money in SEM, right? 

The danger here is Google changes. Competitors change. 

And if your ads start declining or you need to reduce budgets one month your results will drop off almost immediately. SEO takes more time but is much more stable over time and lays a strong foundation for all other marketing. 

Other clinics focus on SEO but feel they can’t afford Google Ads…

Done right, Google Ads MAKE you money. They don’t cost you a dime, they are an investment. So don’t miss out on patients you could get for a reasonable cost per acquisition – go get them! 

Also, Google’s Changes Demand A Holistic Approach:

Years ago, organic SEO rankings were king of Google searches – always right at the top. 

Now? Well see for yourself…

Google favors ads more than ever, but keep scrolling it doesn’t stop there:

Now More Than Ever, It’s Time to Combine SEO and SEM

That’s exactly what ProTailored PT did to grow 10 months in a row and counting. It has created a path for them towards continued success and growth!

Could your practice benefit from adding SEM into the mix? 

Learn more about SEM and the Google Ad PPC Program by visiting:

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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