Preferred PT Marketing Story

Where It Started:

Preferred PT  started at Practice promotions in October 2018 as an Ultimate PLUS client. At that time they were getting around 280 patient visits per week.

Since joining, they have consistently direct-mailed their newsletter to between 3500-4000 past patients. The team does a great job communicating with their Account Manager monthly and sending custom content to promote in print, social media, and more. They provide special offers in their newsletter and update their mailing list with new patients regularly.

On top of that, Preferred PT keeps rack cards in the clinic for women’s health and for generating online reviews, as well as utilizing the PT Wired Plus app which helps with patient retention and their weekly patient volume.    

  So… how did their new website & marketing system work?

Preferred Physical Therapy New Website

Preferred PT Marketing Results:

Patient Volume:

  • One year later, they are seeing an average of 380 patient visits per week… 100 MORE patient visits per week or 420 additional visits per month!!


  • Using national averages, those patient results generate an additional revenue of $33,600. With Practice Promotions costs, printing, and postage combined that’s a monthly return on investment of 838%.

In Their Words:

“It’s been hard to handle the growth but better challenge than the opposite!”

Trevor, PT, Owner
Download the full case study:
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But that’s not all!

Since their site went live, they have received 68 new Google Reviews and their number of web visitors is higher than ever, even on the lowest months!

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You too can get better marketing results.

Maybe you’re just starting to market to consumers. Maybe your marketing is working OK, but you need the tools to take it to the next level without risking what you’ve built. Every clinic is different, but the proven strategies and tactics used by Preferred PT can be customized to your goals with the Ultimate marketing system.

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Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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