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Most PT clinics work hard every month to attract new patients. Those who do so consistently can achieve a nice level of stability in their clinic. But the most-often overlooked secret to real practice growth is reactivating past patients. 

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Reactivated patients are individuals who already know and love your staff & practice and trust you with their care. Successfully reactivating a patient, even just once, doubles their lifetime value typically at a fraction of the cost it took to acquire them the first time leading to higher profit margins and revenue. 

So how can you make sure you’re re-engaging those past patients?

Simple…Direct Mail Newsletters!

Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy is a great example of just how powerful mailing monthly newsletters can be. They are a 9 location practice that currently direct mails from 7 of their locations. 

Before direct mailing, Rocky Mountain PT was strictly just emailing out their newsletters digitally and posting on their website. Were they engaging past patients using this strategy? Somewhat. Did they see an opportunity to enhance those numbers? Absolutely! 

The Risk Paid Off…Look At These Numbers

Rocky Mountain PT began direct mailing their newsletters in October of 2020. In October alone they had 73 reactivated patients vs. the 24 they had in September of 2020. In fact, Rocky Mountain started seeing close to a 1% conversion rate that month. That rate is almost double the industry average… all within the first month!

The results show they did have the typical seasonal dip in November and December, but were still seeing 2-3X more reactivations than months before!

In January 2021 Rocky Mountain PT:

  • Direct mailed 8,262 newsletters
  • Treated 79 Reactivated patients
  • Had a .95% Conversion Rate (79/8,262)
  • Spent $4,022 in direct mail printing/postage fees
  • Total Revenue from Reactivated Patients: $79,000

That’s a profit of $74,978! 

PT Newsletter ROI Results

In Conclusion…

If you’re on the fence about direct mailing your newsletters, let Rocky Mountain PT’s results be the support you need to make the jump. Direct mailing is worth it! Although there is an initial investment upfront, you can see that the margin for profit far surpasses the initial cost.

If you would like to inquire about direct mailing newsletters, view all of the direct mail options, or schedule a consult learn more here.

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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