Rebound Rehabilitation is a private, outpatient physical therapy clinic that first opened in St. Augustine, Florida in 1989. Since that time, they have expanded to six locations, including Arlington, Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Fleming Island, FL.  

Rebound Rehabilitation formally began their journey as a Platinum client with Practice Promotions in May of 2018 and has since grown their practice significantly, adding two new locations!
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The team at Rebound excels at consistent marketing collaboration – keeping in routine communication with their marketing team, taking full advantage of their website, and utilizing both print and digital tools/products on a consistent basis to generate consistent results.

What PT-Marketing Agency Collaboration Can Accomplish:

Hemant Patel, the President and Head Therapist for Rebound Rehabilitation, is an excellent example of what routine communication and a collaborative mindset can accomplish. He ensures regular communication happens with their marketing team by scheduling routine monthly calls. This allows everyone to be in the loop when it comes to new marketing initiatives. In addition, it means his dedicated team can brainstorm strategies and create actionable plans to help Rebound Rehabilitation achieve its marketing goals.

A prime example of a cooperative project was the creation and promotion of their Laser Light Therapy program. Hemant and his Digital Account Manager worked closely over the course of almost two months to build an entirely new section of their website, along with a series of email campaigns, to promote this service. 


Hemant and his Digital Account Manager also worked closely on the addition of their two newest locations, updating their website and digital products, and promoting the new clinics through emails and social blasts. 

The transparency in communication has allowed Rebound Rehabilitation to thrive and see impressive results, even throughout a pandemic.

The Proof is in the Results!

Since joining Practice Promotions in 2018, Rebound Rehabilitation has received an astounding 147 Google Reviews, over 33,000 website visitors, and over 60,000 page views. They consistently receive regular patient leads from their website forms, and have maintained steady SEO growth.

As mentioned above, the practice also opened two new locations in Fleming Island, FL, and Westside Jacksonville, FL; the second location opening and thriving despite a global pandemic. During the pandemic, Rebound Rehabilitation adapted and also began offering telehealth services to give their patients a safe alternative to in-clinic therapy. 

The Bottom Line…

Rebound Rehabilitation continues to see success because they properly utilize the tools and resources available to them. From digital to print, they have explored and utilized all avenues appropriately. In addition, their dedication to collaboration and communication allows Hemant to maintain control of both long-term and short-term goals without having to do all the work himself.

The team at Rebound is a shining example of what a great PT-to-Marketing Agency relationship should look like!

Hemant and his team use the Platinum Marketing Plan. View details here.

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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