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Eastside Sports Rehabilitation Clinic joined Practice Promotions back in March of 2019 as an Ultimate Plus client. As we all know, the world experienced an unprecedented global pandemic in March of 2020. The unknown reality of what was to come created a feeling of hesitation and worry among business owners alike. While other business owners were unsure where to go, Eastside Sports Rehab grabbed the reins and took control of their marketing through their partnership with Practice Promotions.

Leader of the Pack

COVID Website Updates

Lisa, co-owner of Eastside Sports Rehab, reached out immediately. She knew action had to be taken and that Practice Promotions had a whole array of different tools and resources available at her disposal that she could’ve been utilizing even more so than she already was. In collaboration with her account managers, she was refreshed on several programs included in her subscription, so that she could take full advantage of all the tools available and really maximize her marketing without any additional spend. 

Did you know that you and/or your employees can be retrained on any marketing programs/tools available to you for no additional cost? We want your practice to be as successful as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact your account manager and ask for a refresher. We are here for you!

Email Campaigns

Lisa’s opportunistic attitude, willingness to openly and routinely communicate with our marketing team and consistency, really displayed through Eastside Sports Rehab’s results throughout last year.  Take a look at these results!

New Patient Leads from PT Website
SEO Results for PT Website

Eastside Sports Rehab achieved these amazing results (during a pandemic nonetheless) by taking control and utilizing the following programs available to them via their Ultimate Plus plan:

Eastside Rehab COVID Results
  • Business Center
  • Campaign Monitor
  • PT Wired App
  • Monthly strategy meetings with digital and print account managers
Ultimate Plus PT Marketing System

Let Eastside Sports Rehab be your inspiration and take charge of your marketing today!

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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