Facebook is the Google of social media—it is the most commonly used social media platform in the world with an average of over 1 billion monthly users per this recent study. Major companies have dedicated teams devoted to managing their company’s Facebook accounts. As a PT practice owner, you can search “Facebook marketing tips” and get millions of articles each claiming to have unlocked the secrets of social media success. But how can you sift through the volumes and find marketing tips that work specifically for physical therapy clinics? We have created a short 6 tips list that combines best practices from major brands, physical therapy leaders, and individual clinics so that you can become a Facebook rockstar!

Post 2-3 times a week

One of the biggest social media mistakes is posting too much (or too little) to really see engagement with your followers. Most practices see success by posting 2-3 times per week. Try a combination of post types to see what works for your audience:

  • Write a short teaser (Our spring newsletter is here! See how PT can help you get back into the swing of warm weather activities) and include a link to your e-newsletter
  • Promote clinic news or announcements. Such as new staff members (and link to their bio on your website), new service offerings, or incentive programs.
  • Share! Share a post that you think your followers will like. We love Choose PT by the APTA for physical therapy Facebook posts or try using seasonal or holiday messages to stay relevant.
times to post on social media

Get more followers

Your Facebook posts will not generate results if no one sees them. Set a monthly target to grow your number of followers (Page Likes) to increase your presence and visibility. Encourage patients to Like your Facebook page to stay up to date on clinic happenings. Be direct and include call-to-action statements in your newsletter and website. For example, put a flyer up in your waiting room. Patients usually are on their phones while they wait, and many are checking Facebook.

Use Facebook Insights

Many practice owners wonder if social media is really worth the time and resource investment. You can determine the impact by using analytics to track your social media marketing. All Facebook Business Pages have the Insights feature that collects and analyzes data from posts, likes and other engagement metrics. Leverage these stats to monitor the growth and effectiveness of your marketing. Read more on how to get started…

Create a clear CTA (Call to Action)

Facebook Business Pages are more than a collection of posts. They can become a secondary “website” complete with your practice’s contact information and valuable resources for patients. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with your practice. A clear call to action or CTA can direct people to take the next step. Similarly, a CTA helps you get new patients right from your Facebook page. We recommend using the Call Now CTA which places a call to your practice’s phone number when clicked. Use the front desk phone number to help patients get more information or make an appointment. Learn how…

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Have a conversation

Social media is about engagement and interaction, not just posting content. Your marketing plan should prompt followers to like, share and comment on posts. These engagements indicate that your content is appealing and relevant to patients. Additionally, you want people to click links on blog posts and other articles. These clicks bring people to your website where they can learn more about PT. It helps to post a variety of content such as statuses, images, links to articles, and blog posts. Then, you provide different ways for people to engage with your content. You also can use the Insights (see tip #3) to gauge what type of content performs best and is most appealing to your patients.

Follow local businesses and events

On your personal Facebook account, you probably Like different companies, people, and news sources to see their posts and content. Similarly, your practice’s Business Page should follow local businesses, community organizations, events, and other relevant partners. You can stay up to date with what other businesses are doing on Facebook (and what your patients are seeing in their Newsfeeds). For example, a doctors office will post articles to their Facebook page to share health news and tips with their patients. Your Page can share these relevant articles to your followers, fostering a sense of community and increasing visibility for your practice.

From a business perspective, you will also get key updates about physicians’ offices that could impact to your practice. For example, a local doctor’s group posts 3x this week: 1) a new referral coordinator is hired, 2) they are no longer offering dry needling, and 3) a new insurance is now accepted. Now, you can call and set up a meet and greet with the new coordinator to build a referral relationship. And, you should increase marketing for your dry needling services to attract patients seeking this treatment. Lastly, the new insurance changes may impact the type of referrals your practice can anticipate. In one week’s worth of Facebook posts, you have three new opportunities to engage patients and referring physicians to help grow your practice.

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