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It’s 2020, Is Youtube The Right Marketing Solution For Your PT Practice? 

YouTube is one of the biggest websites around, currently the third most popular website in the world! It is topped only by Google and Facebook. So yes, Youtube has a huge potential to reach your practice’s ideal audience.

Here Are 4 Things To Keep In Mind When Building Your Youtube Channel:

  1. How to create a video marketing strategy
  2. When to launch your strategy
  3. Types of Videos should your practice focus on
  4. Optimizing your YouTube Channel

If you need tips for shooting videos without professional gear, check out this guide. For now, though, let’s jump into planning!

1) Create A Video Marketing Strategy

Just like any marketing plan, you need to have a strategy written out and stick to it. Take a look at what you’ve done in the past. What’s worked, what hasn’t worked,  and build off of that. Start by looking at specific targets you want to achieve:

  1. Increase/Grow engagement
  2. Generate More Leads/Clicks/Traffic
  3. Generate More Likes/Subscriber Numbers

Once you have your goals in place, you can move on to making a schedule that includes how many videos you will make each month or quarter (choosing topics can come later!)

2) Look At The Time! (When to Post)

Now let’s look at a schedule. Consistency is very important on any social media platform. According to the Entrepreneurs and Business Blog Oberlo, the best times to post on YouTube are in the afternoons during the week or early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Start writing out specific times on a calendar and set reminders.

Most social media platforms will allow you to upload in advance to have your videos posted at certain times, so use this to your benefit.

Best Times To Post On Youtube

3) Use Different Types of Videos

Once you write out your goals and when you want to publish, you can then decide what type of videos do you plan to create.

It’s good to keep in mind to switch up your content every now and then. You always want to keep your audience entertained and coming back for more. Marketing is part experimental, so you need to understand which types resonate with your patients and which ones don’t.

Here are some ideas to create variety and help you start choosing Youtube video topics:

  • Listicles:

    This is a very popular form of content.  You can create a listicle video that highlights your product or service- like “ 5 Most Effective Workouts to Strengthen Your Back.” or “ 10 Ways To Workout at Your Office Desk.” You want to keep your content educational and entertaining. Keep your target audience in mind when creating your list.
    Here is an example of a Listicle Video: 4 Tips I teach My Clients
  • How-To Videos:

    These tend to have a higher performance rate since they provide a lot of value to your viewer. For Example, “ How to incorporate your workouts into your busy day.” We are all guilty of not doing our at-home exercises, but creating content on how we can find the time and use other techniques could boost their recovery process.
    Here is an example of a How-to Video: How to Get PT Staff Marketing For You
  • Product Video:

    Do you have any new technology that was introduced to your practice? Great! Create a video about the product and walk through exactly what it does and get people in to try it out.
    Here is a video on one of our products: PT Wired Plus App Official Demo: 
  • Case Studies:

    This is another great way to promote your practice. A video case study can focus on client stories, recent achievements, or plans for their future.
    Here is a case study we put together for one of our clients: Bisport PT Doubles New Patined in 3 Months.
  • Testimonials:

    This will allow you to build Trust and Credibility with social media feedback. Nothing captures attention like a great story.
    Here is how you can ask for Reviews and Testimonials. 

Now that you have a plan, let’s discuss how to get found…

4) Optimize Your Channel Regularly

With YouTube being one of the biggest platforms, it’s a beneficial tool for your Practice.

So how do you optimize your Youtube videos?

Take the same steps as you would if it were your own website’s SEO. By having the right keywords and tags in your video, this will rank you higher in a native search. If used correctly, YouTube can be an invaluable tool to promote your PT Practice and reach more clients.

Lastly, schedule time to make sure your channel is up to date at least once per quarter.

In Summary…

Youtube marketing not new, but it’s not going away either. Most of your competitors aren’t going to put in the time to record a video a month… so that might just be the biggest reason to start now.

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