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How to use physical therapy advertising to achieve your practice goals

  • Create a marketing plan

    We work with you to create a custom marketing plan that focuses on attracting new patients and increasing referrals to grow your practice and surpass your business goals.

  • Reactivate patients

    We help you leverage the power of your existing patient base with our print and digital newsletters and promotions to reactivate patients and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Brand your practice

    We make your practice stand out from competitors with a powerful brand identity through our professional marketing materials, websites, social media campaigns, and more.

  • Secure more referrals

    We use business and advertising best practices to develop a loyal network of actively referring physicians and patients for your business.

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PT Performance Websites

Websites and Online Marketing

Does your PT practice have a modern, professional website that promotes your services and expertise? A PT Performance Website is custom built for your practice and seamlessly blends marketing and technology into one easy to use website. Start using online tools to convert prospects and referrals into new patients.

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Physical Therapy Advertising Materials

Newsletters, Brochures, and More

What are you sending to patients and physicians to keep them actively engaged with your PT practice? Our practice newsletter system, physical therapy brochures, physician referral supplies, and patients postcards promote your services and programs. We design, print and mail custom marketing campaigns that make it easy for you to attract more new patients.

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