About us - Practice Promotions Physical Therapy Marketing

Our purpose is to help practices succeed in improving more people's lives. Our focus is on making it easier to attract more new patients.

Neil Trickett, PT

CEO / Owner

At Practice Promotions, we are the PT Private Practice Marketing Experts.

Our company was developed by Neil Trickett, a physical therapist, private practice owner and best selling author. With over 16 years of real world experience, Neil has helped hundreds of PT practices implement the right marketing strategies to sustainably grow their clinics. Practice Promotions provides the industry knowledge and custom marketing tools to attract more new patients and referrals to physical therapy.  We take your goals and transform them into real results that drive your practice.   Our amazing team of account managers, website developers and graphic designers have decades of experience in marketing and business management. Many of them have worked for physical therapy practices. They bring that contextual knowledge to our clients and their promotions. We collaborate with our clients and strive to see their practices evolve into PT powerhouses fueled by effective marketing and management practices. Learn more about us and we look forward to working with you.

Meet The Team

  • Amy Trickett, PT
    Managing Partner
  • Kristyn O’Connell
    Vice President – Administration
  • Deena Fournier
    Vice President – Operations
Marketing and Sales
  • Shelby Safi
    Marketing Director
  • Gwen Tinsley
Design Team
  • Bethany Lanza
    Print Account Manager
  • Nick Steinkamp
    Senior Art Director
  • Bianca Cherry
    Graphic Designer
  • Kathy Trickett
    Finance Officer
Websites and Online Marketing Team
  • Victoria Marcouiller
    Director of Websites and Online Marketing
  • Tory Nagel
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Anna_Web
    Anna Martin
    Website Account Manager and Designer