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    “Vivek ‘Niks’ Popat and the whole Practice Promotions team has done an AMAZING job putting together our (Physical Therapy

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    “Practice Promotions made our website development easy and stress free. Their specific knowledge of physical therapy

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    “Our new website gets patients to contact us directly from it! We now get 2-3 new patients a week just from our website. We...

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    “January 2016 was a busy month! We beat our record in the amount of new evaluations in a week, with 40. Patients love the...

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    “Our patients love the newsletters. They are so professional and we get so much action from them. I wish I had listened to

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    “Since we started with Practice Promotions 1 year ago we have seen a 53% increase in our business practice. A main reason for this...

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    “Thank you so very much! I’m so appreciative of your patience and diligence. You really took the time to listen and understand what I...

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    “We had been struggling with the development of our web site for quite some time. We spent many thousands of dollars

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    “The Practice Promotions staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful when building and training you to use your new

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    “I am thrilled with the results of the newsletters. After the first distribution, my number of new patients nearly doubled

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    “Neil’s understanding of marketing and how it applies to the world of private practice physical therapy is phenomenal. He is a highly successful business...

  • 50 New Patients in 4 Weeks!

    “Our practice location was involved in a fire that shut down our location for over 6 months. We knew that when we reopened, we...