Breakthrough Marketing Partner
Breakthrough Marketing Partner

Powerful Marketing for Breakthrough Members to Grow Their Practice

Is Your Website READY For Breakthrough?

Breakthrough customers get fantastic ad & workshop results, but an outdated or unprofessional website can cause good leads not to convert. (or worse, go to a competitor)

To get the best results from Breakthrough marketing, your website & online marketing presence needs to reflect the quality of your care.

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How To Maximize Your Breakthrough Results

We help you Maximize your Breakthrough results with a powerful 5-step website & marketing system. This system works alongside your Breakthrough system to convert more patient leads and drive in additional leads & visitors through Google, direct-mail, and more.

The result: Better conversion + higher volume = more new patients!

How To Get Started

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What’s Inside:

Free PT Marketing Kit

What’s Inside:

We help you Maximize your Breakthrough results with a powerful 5-step website & marketing system.

  • The Ultimate PT Marketing Funnel™
  • Print Samples of Marketing Materials from Real PT Clinics
  • 2 PT Marketing Training Booklets
  • Website & Mobile APP Marketing Tips
  • 12-Month PT Marketing Newsletter Subscription (a $99 Value!)

Real Results

364% New Patient Increase in 10 months!!”

Martin, PT Owner
Eastern Shore PT

Breakthrough member gets more with practice promotions

PT-Owned. PT Exclusive.

We’re here to help PT Owners change more lives. As former practice owners, we understand the challenges of marketing while running a practice & have the experience to make it work for you.

  • 700+ Clinic Locations Marketed
  • 20+ Years of PT Experience
  • 9+ Years of Marketing & Website Research

A Proven Marketing Strategy:

The Physical Therapy industry has changed. You can no longer rely solely on doctor referrals and word-of-mouth. But sadly, most PT Owners are too busy running their clinic to attract the new patients they need…

At Practice Promotions, we build you a 5-step Marketing System that lets you attract new patients without spending 5+ hours/week marketing. This powerful system combines done-for-you services with simple tools AND monthly guidance from our expert staff. The best part? Results are guaranteed EVERY MONTH!
To learn more, request your free PT Marketing Kit right here!

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Download Your Free, 2-Page Marketing Guide: The Ultimate PT Marketing Funnel. This Is A Proven 5-Step Formula To Increase New Patients By 2-3X In 2020!