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Category: Doctor Marketing

physician referral marketing tool sample
2021 Physician Referral Guide for PT & Rehab

Should PT’s Be Marketing for Physician Referrals Right Now? Physician referrals aren’t necessary to run a successful…

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Increase Physician Referrals
5 Ways to Increase Physician Referrals to Your PT Practice

The best way to increase physician referrals is to have a rock solid answer to the question,…

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Referrals for Post Surgical Rehab
How to Get More Referrals for Post-Surgical Rehab

For many patients, post-surgical rehab and physical therapy go hand in hand. After a orthopedic surgery, joint…

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practice marketing plan
Practice Marketing Plan and Checklist

Every physical therapy practice needs a marketing plan. This plan acts as the roadmap for your practice…

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Best Practices for Direct Mail Marketing to Physicians
Best Practices for Direct Mail Marketing to Physicians

The healthcare and insurance landscapes continues to change. Thus, physical therapy practices can struggle to secure and…

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business card
Designing Business Cards for the Modern PT

As the world continues to go more digital, printed materials like business cards need to evolve to…

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Doctor Communication Strategies for PTs

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, some doctor’s offices are closing their doors to sales and…

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Marketing Design
4 Design Guidelines for Effective Print Marketing

Knowing what to say and how to say it are two of the biggest marketing challenges faced…

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Marketing Messaging
Effective Messaging Strategies for PT Marketing

The difference between an everyday marketing campaign and a record-setting promotion usually comes down to two things.…

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Physician Networking
Networking Increases Physician Referrals for PT

Many practice owners and PT marketers struggle to cross the threshold and develop strong referral relationships with…

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Watch and Learn How You Can Get More New Patients

Private Practice Marketing Expert, Neil Trickett, dives into the marketing fundamentals top PT practices use to attract more…

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Marketing Results for LSTC
Our Clients See Real Marketing Results

When it comes to your clinic, you need to make informed decisions that help your business flourish…

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