Coronavirus Business Recovery Checklist

COVID-19 Survival Guide For PT Clinics

Communicate Well & Often

Current, past, & prospective patients need to hear from you or they will forget to reschedule.

Address Immediate Changes

From cleaning policies, to telehealth, and optimizing your staffing needs.

Prepare To Recover Lost Revenue

When things settle, clinics who plan ahead will recover faster.

How PT Clinics Can Survive The COVID-19 Panic

Coronavirus is causing widespread effects on PT clinics beyond even health concerns.
We're confident things will straighten out in a few weeks but in the meantime, below are several tools to help you
1) Reassure your patients while you can still treat,
2) Create contingency plans if closures become necessary, and
3) Create your recovery plan NOW so when things settle, you don't miss more time getting back up and running.

We know things are tough. We sincerely wish you all the best. And, we hope these tools will help you get back on track in the coming months:

covid-19 tips for physical therapists

Free Social Media Tools:


Feel free to save & use these images on your clinic’s social pages: (Click to open full size in new tab)

Sample Post:

Copy & paste or customize for your clinic.

“In response to coronavirus and seasonal flu issues:

We recognize this is a serious situation, but do not want to panic either. Many large events have now been postponed to reduce public gatherings – that’s the right response! However, pain issues and being too sedentary can actually increase your odds of getting sick, so we will continue to help you in more hygienic, 1-on-1 therapy settings.

All that to say, we are still open and still taking patients while adding these extra cleaning and health protocols:”

Then, list additional measures you’re taking.

Finish with a call to action like “learn more” directed to your website OR “schedule an appointment.”

Communicating With Patients

  • 8 Actions To Take Inside Your Clinic
  • What To Say To Patients (And How To Say It)
  • What NOT To Do Right Now
  • No Email Signup, Just A Free PDF:
Download Now

[Video] How To Plan Your Practice's Recovery


Neil Trickett, PT takes you back to his days running a practice through mass hurricane destruction and strategies he's learned for weathering the initial impact, then planning to recover lost revenue as fast as possible.

practice recovery strategy

NEW DOWNLOAD: The Business Recovery Curve Strategy

Practices are temporarily closing nationwide to observe quarantine measures, and this is having a profound impact on their business. What can you do to survive these troubling times & ultimately protect your business?

Learn the "Business Recovery Curve Strategy" taught by risk management professionals worldwide:

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Note For Practice Promotions Clients:

At Practice Promotions, our main priority is to help you, our client, through this next couple of months shutdown, and ultimately prepare for a quick and successful recovery of your business to help people get back to health.

We Continue To Operate As Normal To Serve You:
  • Our team works remotely every day – we will continue to serve your marketing needs without missing a beat.
  • Our servers will continue to host and operate your website as normal.
  • Digital marketing and SEO will continue to operate each month as normal for you.
  • Our printing capabilities continue to operate for your newsletters.
  • Our team is dedicated to helping you continue to market and communicate with your current and new patients.


What We Are Doing To Help You Communicate With Your Patients:
  • Additional email blasts.
  • Website pop up notifications of open and close times, procedures, etc.
  • Google my Business updates and notifications.
  • Additional social posting and communication.
  • Listing and directory updates with notifications and operation hour changes as needed.


…Our commitment is always to help you be as successful as possible.

Our team is here to serve you and help you maintain good communication with your patients, and prepare your practice with effective marketing, for the fastest recovery possible. For help with special emails, website updates, or newsletter content reach out to your account manager,
or Contact Us Here for their contact info.


Neil Trickett, PT
Founder & CEO