Telehealth Marketing Tips
Are you considering Telehealth in your PT clinic?

Whether you’re still thinking about it or already set up, getting patients on board with a new, unknown form of treatment can be an entirely different story. That’s where telehealth marketing comes into play.

Important note: “Marketing” doesn’t mean ads trying to convince someone to take your offer. Marketing telehealth services requires an educational approach.

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Patients will have questions because this is still fairly new in the industry. Therefore, everything your front desk says, your therapists say, your website, emails… all of this is marketing and needs to be prepared. Everyone has to be on the same page & must be confident. For example, don’t ask yes or no; recommend it like any other treatment.

“Everything your front desk says, your therapists say, your website, emails… all of that is marketing

To help, we put together some simple tips on How To Market Telehealth:

Marketing Telehealth As A Physical Therapy Service

In this PDF, you’ll find:

  1. 5 Step sequence to market & grow telehealth
  2. How to convert a patient to a telehealth program
  3. Free scripts from our friends at Front Office Guru
  4. Everything you and your staff needs to be in alignment

The most important thing to notice here is that promoting the program is 2nd-to-last on the list. Don’t promote your program without your staff & systems being ready or you’ll end up wasting marketing dollars.

Let’s dive deeper into these points:

1) Prepare For Signups

Before promoting anything, make sure you have an easy way to explain & sign up for telehealth.

  • Update your website with a landing page explaining how telehealth sessions work.
  • Update appointment forms, contact forms, and chatbots with telehealth selection options.
  • Update your Google MyBusiness with a new service.
Staff Explaining Telehealth To Patient

2) Convert Patients To Telehealth

Your front desk staff can drive a lot of success in converting patients, but they need the right tools!

  • Train your front desk staff on how telehealth sessions work so they can answer questions.
  • Create an exact plan with scripts on how to convert a patient to telehealth.
  • Download these free scripts from our friends at Front Office Guru!

3) Train Your Therapists

Patients will likely be hesitant not because it’s scary, but because it’s unknown. It’s up to your therapists to put them at ease.

  • Train your therapists on how to “sell” or educate patients on the benefits of continuing care via telehealth – focus on the patient’s wellbeing!
  • Institute a daily huddle with your PTs to get patient feedback & make improvements as needed.
Telehealth Marketing postcard

4) Promote It!

Once your staff & internal systems are ready, it’s time to get the word out! Word this as an “Important Announcement.”

  • Email your current & past customer list.
  • Use direct-mail such as these postcards your past patients.
  • Prepare handouts & signs for in the clinic.
  • Notify your referring physicians.
  • Post on social media and repost often! Recording a sample call with your staff would be great social video content.

5) Scale It

As you get good at leveraging telehealth, it can become a great tool for both treatment and boosting revenue. Therefore, you want to start with a plan to improve the program along the way.

  • From day 1, have an easy way to gather feedback from patients who participate.
  • Make a plan to generate referrals from patients. Keep in mind since this care is done at home, digital referral methods such as a “Friends & family free consult” page or email forward work best.

The Key To Marketing Telehealth Is Simply This…

To get patients on board, everything they hear from your website, ads, and staff needs to be in alignment. In order for that to happen, everyone needs to be confident and have a grasp of what to say to patients.

Your #1 goal should be using any tool possible to HELP the most people. If you keep that focus, your telehealth program will be a success.

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