Physical Therapy Blogging

What’s the Best Way to Attract People Looking for Help Online?

The short answer is still blogging! Physical therapy blogging involves posting useful articles and information about your practice and the benefits of PT on your practice’s website. These posts increase traffic to your website by attracting visitors who are searching for content about PT via Google and other search engines. Getting additional visitors improves your website’s SEO (search engine optimization), which causes your site to rank higher in the results and increases its visibility. Your blog also needs to be linked to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This helps your blog contribute to your overall online marketing program by:

  • Increasing your website’s content and sharing your PT expertise
  • Using social media posts to drive new visitors to your website’s blogs
  • Building brand reputation and professional credibility
  • Improving your online presence, search engine rankings, and attracting new patients

Physical Therapy Blogging

In today’s marketing world, blogging is a broad term that covers many methods of content creation and distribution. Most commonly, blogging is writing articles or creating infographics about a particular topic or area of expertise—such as physical therapy. Your practice’s blog should be a mix of content that is both educational and informative, such as articles on back pain or how to avoid injury when exercising. These posts should highlight why your practice is the place to go for PT care.

Each blog post should focus on the following key concepts:

  • What is the physical problem or condition?
  • What is the solution to that problem?
  • Why should the reader choose your practice for care?
  • Why should they act now?

When starting your physical therapy blogging, you want to keep two key questions in mind: Is the content relevant, interesting, and helpful? And, Is it clear that my practice is the place to go for treatment and PT expertise? If you can answer yes to both questions, then you have solved for what potential new patients want when looking at physical therapy websites. They want free information on why they have this particular pain and what they can do about it. And, you can show how your practice is the place for them to tackle their individual problem and feel better.

Professional Blogging Services

Finding and writing content for blog articles can be time-consuming. Thus, limiting the time your marketing staff has to engage physicians and patient referrals. Our marketing experts have years of experience in physical therapy blogging. As part of our website development and online marketing programs, we write blogs for your practice and post them on your website, with links to your social media accounts. For more information, check out these website plans!
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