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The #1 Source of Website Traffic for Successful PT Clinics

What’s the best way to get more local, potential patients to your website? Do you use Facebook or Google Ads, target your zip code, and buy more website traffic?

While paid ads can be very effective for local businesses like yours, a recently published report suggests pay-per-click, or PPC ads, are actually in 3rd place for many growing clinics in terms of New Patients generated.

You can get the full report here:

About Website Traffic Sources

When it comes to website marketing, there are 5 primary sources to get traffic:

  • Referral
  • Direct
  • Social Media
  • Organic
  • Paid
Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is visitors that were directed to you by another website. This could be Yelp, directories, as well as local partners such as a news outlet if they share a story about you or a doctor’s office that mentions you on their website.

Direct Traffic

Direct web traffic typically means the visitor typed in your web address and went straight there. They also could have copied and pasted the link. “Dark Traffic” is also included when the source can’t be identified.

Here’s a sneak peek from the report:

Direct Traffic data
Not only does direct traffic not help us with tracking, it also consistently underperformed other website traffic categories
Social Media

This one is self-explanatory: traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social platform.

Organic Traffic

Organic refers to search engines including Google, Bing, etc. This traffic searched for something, saw you in the results (not ads), and clicked. This is a great type of traffic because it’s free!

Paid Traffic

The name says it all! If you’re using paid ads such as Google Ads (formerly Adwords) they will appear in this source category.

So… Which Source Wins?

Check out the full report above to see which of these 5 categories beats paid advertising in both volume and most importantly – New Patients!

And there’s something here for every size clinic!

The research was done on real data from over 100 clinic locations in North America who have experienced success in marketing online (For their privacy, data is anonymous).

These clinics range from single-therapist to many locations, so successful results were judged based on their size, not just volume.

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