PT Newsletter Direct Mail Stats
PT Newsletter Direct Mail Stats

The PT Practice Newsletter System 2.0

No Time For Newsletters? Direct-Mail Seem Too Expensive?

Most clinic owners agree a monthly marketing newsletter is a good idea... But many lack the time to create one or don't direct mail them out because it seems expensive.

But data shows these are mistakes that could cost you thousands per month in revenue.

Physical Therapy Patient Newsletter
Full Potential PT Patient Newsletter

The Best PT Newsletter Solution:

The full-service Practice Newsletter System 2.0 gives you the Direct Mail and Digital Marketing tools to ensure your newsletters make you money, not cost you money.

This approach allows you to:

  • Focus only on mailing lists most likely to come back
  • Promote your brand widely & increase referrals
  • Reactivate past patients each month
  • Track your results & see the ROI
  • Free up your time letting our
    team manage your project

How To Get Started

Learn exactly how The Practice Newsletter System 2.0 can help your clinic:


Get A Free PT Marketing Sample Kit


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More New PT Patients

Start Reactivating More Past Patients!

What’s Inside:

Free PT Marketing Kit

What’s Inside:

We help you Maximize your Clinic's Newsletter results with a full-service monthly system. Request a sample kit to see:

  • Real, Successful Samples from Our Clients
  • Additional Direct Mail & Print Materials Available
  • See How We Can Combine Your Newsletter and Website Marketing Into 1 Affordable Plan Called the Ultimate PT Marketing System™
  • BONUS: 2 PT Marketing Training Booklets
  • BONUS: 12-Month Subscription to the PT Marketing Newsletter (a $99 Value!)

Real Results

“We hit 255 New Patients per month!”

Rogan, DPT
FYZICAL Therapy & Balance

marketing result graph

PT-Owned. PT Exclusive.

We’re here to help PT Owners change more lives. As former practice owners, we understand the challenges of marketing while running a practice & have the experience to make it work for you.

  • 700+ Clinic Locations Marketed
  • 20+ Years of PT Experience
  • 10+ Years of Marketing & Website Research

Marketing Your Practice Is More Than A Newsletter:

Your newsletter alone does not provide the consistent stream of new patients your clinic needs to achieve your stability and growth goals…

At Practice Promotions, we build you a 5-step Marketing System then stay with you every month providing direct-to-patient marketing systems you can use PLUS guidance from our expert staff. The best part? Results are guaranteed EVERY MONTH!
To learn more, view all of our plans and pricing here including websites, newsletters, Google Ads, and more!

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