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Physical Therapy Newsletters

Marketing your PT practice should include a variety of programs and promotions—from your clinic signage to your practice’s website to direct mail newsletters. Each of these programs will resonate with a different patient. Therefore, it is important to consistently maintain several promotions to maximize your marketing results. A custom physical therapy newsletter, mailed directly to clients each month, is one of the most effective ways to guarantee that you reach and reactivate past patients.

Newsletters give you the opportunity to include a variety of content, such as exercises, articles, testimonials, and clinic news. Most recipients will be engaged by at least one section. Thus, you have their attention and can encourage them to come see you for PT. Statistics show that 95% of patients on your list will receive the newsletter in the mail and that over 60% will read it. This means that for every 1,000 newsletters you mail—up to 600 people will read them. Even if only 10% of those readers call in for an appointment…that’s 60 new patient visits that month!

physical therapy newsletter

What is a physical therapy newsletter?

The Practice Newsletter System is a marketing system that is specifically designed to reactivate past patients, attract new patients, and increase physician referrals. The system uses a printed, direct mail and digital physical therapy newsletter and a separate physician newsletter that are custom designed for your practice. These professional, high-quality physical therapy newsletters use your own branding, photos, and clinic news to engage readers. We make it easy to attract more new patients through the educational articles, written for you by physical therapy and marketing experts.

People often don’t understand why they have knee or back pain. But, an article about the causes and how physical therapy can help relieve their pain and get them back to full function and mobility demonstrates your practice’s expertise. Your newsletter should also include preventative content and tips, such as exercises or ways to safely perform routine activities. You can further reinforce your knowledge and skills by promoting past patients’ results after they have completed a course of care. The ultimate goal of your physical therapy newsletter is to get past patients who are in pain to call your clinic for treatment. You want to share your knowledge so that other patients refer you to their friends and family.

We do all the work of printing and mailing to your past and current patients, local physicians and professional referral sources. A physical therapy newsletter from Practice Promotions will have a professional design, content, and execution. This will catch the eyes of patients and physicians—encouraging them to read it and share it with others. The price per piece decreases as your quantity increases. Hence, it is best to mail to as many recipients as you can to maximize your return on investment.


The Practice Newsletter System

  • Custom printed physical therapy newsletter for patients
  • Custom printed physician newsletter for referral sources
  • Direct mailing of your newsletters to patients and physicians
  • Any extras shipped for FREE to you to use in your practice and community marketing
  • Digital newsletter to share on your website, email, and social media
  • Results tracking guide for measuring your success and maximizing ROI
  • Dedicated account manager and PT marketing expert to provide ongoing marketing support and help you optimize results

The Practice Newsletter System delivers a powerful one-two punch to grow your number of patients. It also generate buzz about your practice. As part of the system you get an online, digital publication of your physical therapy newsletter to share via email. Next,  blast it out on social media to spread the word about your services and practice. Combine this with a PT Performance Website for integration with your blog and a specialized digital newsletter section. Cast a wide net to attract the most new patients to your PT practice!

For more information about physical therapy newsletters, contact us today or visit our Practice Newsletter System page.