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Results & Pricing

Powerful PT Marketing Systems to Grow Your Practice


  • Silver Creek Physical Therapy

    316 New Patient Leads + 848 Calls in 7 months

    Products Used:

    • The Ultimate PT Marketing System
    • New PT Website with Chatbot
    • Monthly Patient Newsletters + Blog
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  • sports ortho physical therapy

    Sports + Ortho
    Physical Therapy

    27 Online Appointment Requests in 4 weeks

    Products Used:

    • The Ultimate PT Marketing Plan
    • New PT Website with Chatbot
    • Digital Patient Newsletters
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  • PT Website Sample OSR

    OSR Physical Therapy

    273 More Calls per Month
    in just 4 weeks

    Products Used:

    • The Ultimate PT Marketing Plan
    • New PT Website with Chatbot
    • Advanced SEO + Email Campaigns
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  • breckenridge physical therapy

    Breckenridge Physical Therapy

    “You can’t go wrong using this to Grow Your Practice”

    In Their Words:

    “This team built my website in a timely manner and was very organized throughout the process. It has exceeded expectations and has taken a lot off of my personal workload. You can’t go wrong using this group to help grow your practice.”

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  • SOS Physiotherapy

    36 Online Appointment Requests in under 4 weeks

    In Their Words:

    “Our practice has achieved 40% growth this year! It’s been great working with Practice Promotions. The comprehensive nature of the services they provide to our business is outstanding. Our online presence has definitely increased!”

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Plans & Pricing

Ultimate PLUS+

Full Ultimate Plan + Boost Patient Retention

• All Ultimate features
+ Your own custom clinic app!
+ Telehealth Video Calling




The Most Powerful All-in-One PT Marketing Solution

• All Platinum features
+ Monthly patient newsletters
+ More new patient leads
+ Ultimate Results Guarantee™
+ Includes 2 locations



A Robust PT Website + Built-In Online Marketing

• New, custom PT website
• Email & digital marketing
• Social media marketing
• Local SEO
• PT Chatbot
• Expert marketing guidance

Your new website + marketing system starts at just $22/day

See which plan best fits your practice goals…
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What’s Included:

Ultimate PLUS+
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