Increase Physician Referrals

The best way to increase physician referrals is to have a rock solid answer to the question, “Why should a physician refer to your practice?” You need to be able to provide a quick soundbite that you can easily share.  Additionally, your soundbite needs to convey your expertise and success at helping patients feel better and get healthy. You also need to build the providers’ trust that your practice coordinates patient care and referrals effectively.

Make your physician referrals process easy

1. Have a “Physician Referrals” page on your website

This page should be prominently visible and easily accessed via your website’s navigation. Also, it should include information about how to refer patients to your practice, phone numbers, fax number, and a frequently monitored email address. To increase the promotional messaging, consider having a patient testimonial and/or physician testimonial on the page to add credibility.

2. Have a dedicated phone number or extension for your referrals coordinator

Just like your own front desk, the doctor’s office staff is often busy multi-tasking. So, anything to streamline their efforts increases the likelihood of them referring patients to you. Even if your practice does not have a dedicated referrals coordinator, you should have a phone number or extension that is exclusive to physician communications. Use this number, in addition to your primary contact number, in your doctor marketing. Also, be sure to check the respective voicemail box throughout the day.

Promote your services throughout your physician marketing materials

3. Provide informative content about the benefits of PT

Many physicians are aware of physical therapy at a general knowledge level, but they might not know all the benefits. The challenge is to present educational and specific information in a way that comes across as enlightening and helpful. Especially for physicians that specialize in areas that commonly refer to PT, you should list the specific benefits of PT for their patients and conditions. A physician mailer can be a great marketing campaign that allows for monthly topics that can appeal to different medical specialties. Physician mailer topics can include back pain, shoulder pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, and more.

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4. Showcase patient success stories and physician testimonials

Patient success stories instantly add credibility and personalize your practice’s marketing. Be sure to include at least one patient success story in each campaign. If possible, tailor it to the specific topic you are promoting. Another excellent marketing resource is to solicit physician testimonials or feedback from physicians who frequently refer to your clinic and whose patients have seen great results. These build your practice’s reputation in the medical community and can distinguish you from other PT clinics. Physician testimonials should include the providers name, specialty, practice name (if in a multiple provider group), and their recommendation of your care and services.

5. Include your referrals information on your print marketing pieces

Every marketing piece has the potential to generate a referral—so it is important that your referrals information is on there. Thus, physician marketing campaigns should treat the referrals information with the same prominence as you would a patient promotion. Use appropriately larger fonts, bolded typeface, and noticeable designs to draw the physician’s attention and encourage them to refer their patients to your practice.

Physician referrals are one of the most reliable sources of new patients to your PT practice. Optimize your marketing to information physicians about your services, build credibility about your care, and encourage physicians to refer their patients to you.

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