Watch our marketing guru, Neil Trickett, explain how your practice newsletters can increase reactivations and generate appointments.  

Practice newsletters are your primary way of communicating with past patients. By giving them to your patients each month, your practice stays top of mind for PT. However, it might take several months or years before a patient needs to see you for physical therapy again.  You want to know how to increase results from your newsletters every month to keep growing your business.

See how these 7 simple steps can increase results:

  1. Direct mail newsletters to your mailing list
  2. Give a copy to every patient when they come to the practice
  3. Include high-quality stock and personal photos
  4. Add patient testimonials and practice news
  5. Bring extra copies to doctors’ offices
  6. Email digital newsletters to your email list
  7. Boost your digital newsletter via social media
  8. For more:


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NEW Workshop - 10-Minute PT Website Makeover

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