One of the core components of any PT marketing plan should be to educate prospective patients and referrers on what physical therapy is and what exactly a physical therapist does. Often, people are not sure how a physical therapist differs from a doctor or a personal trainer. This misunderstanding can discourage people from choosing PT as a treatment for their pain. Let’s see how you can use your practice’s marketing to explain how physical therapists can help patients feel better.

Include a page about physical therapy on your website

In addition to listing your specific services and treatments, it can be helpful to have a page dedicate to describing PT and what a physical therapist does. Some key information to include would be a general description, what types of education and training PTs have, and any special certifications that your practice and staff have. This page should be written from the patient’s perspective—use easy to understand language and realistic examples. Walk the patient through a typical PT appointment and use images of gentle care to illustrate how therapy is not a workout, but instead a targeted treatment. Download our free guide for tips on marketing your PT practice and getting more new patients

Have a section of your newsletter dedicated to general PT information

Have a small section of your monthly newsletter or e-newsletter that describes physical therapy in a few quick snippets. Think about a bulleted list and keep the content easy to understand. Here’s an example:

What does a physical therapist do?

  • Evaluate your current condition and physical needs
  • Creates a custom plan of exercises and stretches
  • Work with you to ensure proper form and safety
  • Provides hands-on care, stretches, and massages

Post personal advice and motivation from your physical therapists on social media

Everyone loves personal content, especially images, on social media. It adds authenticity and relatability to your posts. Try to incorporate at least one original post a week to your social media calendar. When it comes to explaining PT, who better than a physical therapist? Have each PT share something, such as “why they became a PT” or “what their favorite stretch is” and include a photo of them. You can also have patients share their testimonials and results (with proper permissions of course) and include a photo of them with their physical therapist.

Explaining physical therapy and what PTs do is critical to the success of your practice. Once someone understands how PT can help them, they will be infinitely more likely to call and book their appointment at your clinic. By being both the educator and the expert, you build credibility and showcase your skills.

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NEW Workshop - 10-Minute PT Website Makeover

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