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When should you post that on Facebook?

Every marketer will tell you how important social presence is to your digital strategy. But coming up with new content every week, even every day, can be daunting. Orbit Media describes social media as an oar to your website’s boat. It takes constant rowing to gain momentum but, just like a rower, the more consistently you do it the easier it becomes. To help you out of the blocks, here is a helpful guide on what and when to post on social media.

A Physical Therapist’s Guide: What and When to Post On Social Media
times to post on social media

Download it, save it, and share it with your staff! You can also check out this video on how to tell when your Facebook fans are online.
Need more ideas about what to post? Try a few of these ideas or read more here.

  • Browse through your old blog posts for quotes or short pieces of advice to share as short updates.
  • Create 1 video a week with a staff member demonstrating a helpful stretch or exercise. Always end with a call-to-action! An example would be to “visit our site or call to set up an appointment and get back to a pain-free lifestyle”
  • Use the Google News search to find credible outside sources saying good things about physical therapy. Post at least one of these articles every week or two!
  • Follow APTA or other respected physical therapy organizations for ideas to share.
  • Download this free social media guide for PT owners & practices.

Final tip

Coming up with content to post on social media day-by-day quickly becomes exhausting. You or your staff are likely to burn out. Check out a free scheduling software such as Hootsuite or Buffer and devote one block of time per week to scheduling batches of posts in advance.

 For more tips on social media marketing for physical therapy practices, follow our Facebook page and check out these blogs.

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