Facebook can be an effective platform for marketing your PT practice on social media. Creating a business page for your practice and posting updates and content to Facebook is free and allows you to market your services to friends and followers. First, you have to attract and build a following of users who Like your Facebook page. This can happen organically as people search for your clinic, intentionally by including links to your profile on other marketing, and purposefully through paid advertising (if desired).

Next, you create and share interesting and relevant information. You want your followers to find this content useful and want to engage with by liking or sharing the post. Facebook is not necessarily about direct referrals to your clinic, but is a tool to get your name out there and build public relations. If you can build a strong following, you can the direct those people to your physical therapy website for more information.
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Building your practice’s Facebook Page

Building a large number of followers is critical to being successful in marketing your practice on Facebook. Company pages with less than 100 likes are less likely to be clicked on because it is perceived as uninteresting. However, if that practice’s page has 1000 followers, it generates interest and encourages users to click on the “like” button.

5 ways to increase followers:

  1. Have posters in your office promoting your “Free healthy tips” on social media
  2. Add icons and callouts to your marketing to promote your social media profiles
  3. Have links to your profiles on your website and at the bottom of your blog posts
  4. Upload your email list to Facebook and invite people to like your page
  5. Pay for Facebook advertising within a targeted geographic area, age range, and interests.

What to post on your Facebook Page

The #1 rule of Facebook posts is that they have to be interesting! If they aren’t interesting then no one will want to Like, Share, or click them. Experiment with different types of posts: text, images, links etc. Use the Insights function of your page to determine what types of posts perform best and have the highest engagements. Share articles from your website’s blog, patient success stories (with written permission), videos with useful tips, and articles from other PT news sources. Statistics also show that posts with images get 5 times more opens and shares than those without images, so be sure to attach an image to your post.

Facebook for PT practices is, at its core, a free online marketing tool to grow your clinic’s brand reputation, share your expertise, and engage followers. Check out our blog for more tips and get started marketing your practice on social media today!

Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?


Looking For A Clear PT Marketing Strategy That Works?

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